Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pizza and Chocolate Enough? T.J.'s Valentine 2012

Love is NOT in the air for Integrity Toys' T.J. this year.

She had an argument with [No]Angelus.

She had a disagreement with Trevor.

She passed a modeling assignment with Lukas.

She informed the Power Team guys that football had and always would bore her.

She outraged Naomi when she confessed that she had "lost" the Whitney Houston tapes ... although she had a vague recollection that the loss occurred sometime in the morning ... just before the trash trucks pulled off.

The lost tapes was the final straw for many of the East Philadelphians because Naomi then complained to anyone who would listen that T.J. was too insensitive. Naomi-in-grief could be difficult, but Naomi-incensed-by-cruel-intolerance would madden anyone in hearing distance. So T.J.'s fans, friends, foes, and even those who barely knew her, gave her the cold shoulder.

So T.J. spent her Valentine's Day 2012 sitting on a loveseat and eating a Van Doll's pizza, a carton of popcorn, and a box of Godiva bought with her own money. She had pizza and she had chocolate and last year's set of The Closer dvds. So T.J. had a nice enough Valentine's Day after all.