Monday, April 30, 2012

New Shoewear For Fashion Royalty Hommes!

I thank DBG of BlackDollCollecting for this tip: the Fashion Royalty Hommes can fit the Black Label Barbie Basics Accessories Look No. 04, Collection 002. Well, my Lukas Maverick can slip his feet into the white sneakers with black stripes. The other shoes could also accommodate the Hommes feet if the center backs had a vertical slit added. The opening for the foot is not wide enough in the other footwear to allow Lukas' foot to slip in without that adjustment.

Nothing like inexpensive footwear that is stylish and that does NOT require lacing up.

Get Your IBDSS Postcard Today?

Today I received my official postcard announcing the annual International Black Doll Show coming to Center City Philadelphia. I have posted an article on Examiner about the Show. Please visit that article for additional information.

Hope to meet some of you there!