Sunday, October 18, 2015

L.A.Girl Fashionista and Others Seen at Walmart - Ms. Leo Alert

Another photo post that is short on text.

L.A. Girl Fashionista with the Skipper-face.

2nd Skipper-faced Fashionista with light blue eyes, auburn hair, and a tan complexion.

For Ms. Leo - the AA Fashionista with the beauty mark. 

Seen in Target! Fashionistas, Christmas Specials, and Frozen Reindeer

A mostly photos post - scant on text.

I saw the AA Fashionista with the beauty mark and this 2015 Fashionista

Sleighing Skipper with a plastic sleigh for one.

And a new Sven the reindeer set from the Disney movie Frozen. The set includes Sven and a sleigh that might actually carry the two sister princesses.