Saturday, January 18, 2014

Which Jamal Head Sculpts Are Staying?

Collecting sometimes means letting go of some dolls and action figures. 

Does that sound odd? It isn't. Collecting is active: there is always something bright and new that I want. And something that I have had that no longer attracts as it once did. Or maybe it never did. Maybe it was on sale. Maybe I thought I should like it. Then I wonder why I bought the figure. Or I find something else more to my current taste.

Space is another consideration. I cannot collect and collect as I did when I was younger and had a whole house that I could fill. Then there are new figures calling my name. Or maybe that is just my excuse to let go certain figures that I am now convinced would make someone else much happier. How can I be so selfish as to keep a figure someone else really needs and wants?

So, here I am going through my collection and culling some dolls and action figures to sell or trade. Today I was looking at my Mattel Jamal-faced dolls. There are seven of these dolls: 5 deboxed and 2 NRFB. Can you guess which ones I intend to keep and which ones I will be listing to sell or trade? I am sharing close up photos of their faces.

1997 Big Brother Ken AA nude 

2001 Magic Jewel Ken AA

2002 Skate Date Ken AA

2003 Cali Girl Steven

2003 Fairy Tale Prince Ken AA NRFB

2005 Beach Fun Steven NRFB


2008 Beach Party Steven nude