Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Takara's Chalk and Cheese Offerings: Jenny and CY Girl Ice

Could these figures be any more different?

On the left, we have gun-toting Ice of the Cy Girls. Ice has a realistic face screening.

On the right, we have a sweeter-than-usual Mitsuki, one of Jenny's friends. Mitsuki is done in the anime style.

I have been meaning to do a post on the Cy Girls I own, but for now, I refer you to an excellent guide by Rainwatercat. A similar guide by a22megaton is available for Jenny.

I'll be writing more about these since I am clearing out some of these figures.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brunette Skipper at Toys R Us!

I visited the Cedarbrook Toys R Us today. Not buying, just looking. (That is my story.)

In addition to some of the new Kens - Shaving Fun and a TRU Exclusive Ken giftset - I saw an interesting item. A brunette Skipper with a NEW face and did I mention BROWN hair. Brown hair with pink highlights. Interesting high top sneakers, too. The new Skipper looks like a cross between the Liv dolls and the Best Friends Club Addison doll.

But the same doll listed online has BLONDE hair. Now I wish I had bought the brunette one when I saw her. Sniff.

A Vampire Diary: Hair War, Part One

I’m gonna get that b, TJ. Lookit what she’s done to me. Me, the Great [No]Angelus surrounded by a swarm of noisy teenagers. Talk about your basic bad trip. I don’t care how cute she looks when she spazzes out over her mussed hair; this time it’s war, and I mean BLOOD war.

Flashback: Halloween night. TJ had been on me about buying a gray skeleton. Hello? Had she ever seen a real skeleton? Did she think they bleached their bones to glow in the dark? I mean, I went out. I bought that stupid plastic skeleton. Sure it was a cheap one. She was only using it for one night. But, no, I ruined her holiday party. As if the kids would be spooked by that crap. Post Freddy days, TJ. Bad choice on your part.

So, I was kinda peeved at her. Maybe, I felt a little mean. Unappreciated. Hurt. I mean, how many vampires go running to dollar stores to buy stupid plastic skeletons to scare kids who have no fear of plastic bones? Just setting up my defense here.

Few days later, she has fried flounder. No, I didn’t eat any. But ... I poured some of the leftover grease from the fish into her hair pomade. Grease is grease, right? Well, not to Miss TJ. Next day, she goes to straighten her hair with a metal comb. Sets the comb on the stove burner to heat. Then she applies some of the grease to her hair and smooths it out with the hot comb. Her face crinkles in the most adorable way. If I weren’t busy sidling to the door, I’d have taken a photo. She sniffed her fingers, then the pomade. Pomade jar fell out of her hands. She screamed my name – and not in a satisfactory way, I might add – and ran for me. I bolted out of that kitchen quicker than the proverbial bat out of Hell.

(Makes you wonder what’s a bat doing in Hell? Sure they’re ugly suckers – ha, ha, pun intended … whoooo … I crack me up sometimes – but that’s got nothing to with their moral character. Note to self: look up the bat in Hell reference.)

Anyhoo, I have had to avoid Ms. TJ like the proverbial plague. (Understandable that because who wants to cuddle up to a plague? I mean sickness and death, all that rot. Rot? Hooo hooo! If TJ doesn’t get me, I will with my own jokes. Hoisted by me own humor.) No sense of fun, that TJ.

But you are wondering why I am here at the Spendthrift Mall. Why I am being assailed by teenage girl voices and grubby teenage girl hands? (Didn’t girls used to aspire to be ladies? Didn’t they used to wash their hands? One minute they have their hands in their mouths adjusting wads of wet gum – eewwww – and the next, they are grabbing my person. Hey!) But back to the present. How did I land in this fate worse than death – and I did death so I know of what I speak.

Ms TJ the B. Yeah, she tricked me into coming out of hiding. Hiding? Well, maybe just a sabbatical. I mean, I wasn’t really afraid of a slip of a chick like her. On her tippy toes. Not even on solid flat feet. No, I was just chillin’. Giving her time to remember what a hoot I am. So she sends my buddy Barnie after me with this fake truce. Oh, she misses me. Could we please hang out at the Mall as neutral territory? Meet as though nothing ever happened. Made me think all was forgiven. Famous last dumb thought. Can’t believe I fell for it.

Barnie now – being an old-school vamp and none too hip to the ways of women today – fell for the deception. Barnie wants to woo teenaged girls because he thinks that is the in thing. Whiny, self-absorbed teenaged girls who lack the rudiments of decorum and hygiene. Oh and the horrible din of their high-pitched prattling and the impertinence of their dirty paws. Shudder. Any guy, vampire or other, who’d think the tender flesh was worth enduring all that … well, he can’t be too bright. Poor Barnie.

Whoa. Poor Barnie? Poor me. TJ told these fem-gnats that I booked some vampire named Edward – a sorry vamp poser, if half of his history is to be believed – so now they are after me. So I can help them flay this punk. Like I would hang around some vamp glow worrm. A dumb vamp who lingers around high school seeking the company of teenaged girls. Actively seeking them. You feel me, right?

Dumb vamp is smitten with a drip called Betty. Betty keeps begging Edward to bite her so that she can live with him eternally. Like being a vampire isn’t hard enough. Yeah, let’s live with a teenaged girl forever. Her always expecting a guy to gaze into her eyes. Do nothing. Be nothing else. No sports, no solitary jaunts to the woods. Nada. Lookee me, lover. Lookee me. Now that is Hell.

Shriek, buzz, shriek, buzz … girls surround me. Insistent that I yield up that pathetic excuse of a bloodsucker.

I’m not going to kill TJ. I’m not going to turn her. But I will get her back for this. Her hair is her weakness. I gotta figure out how I can muss her hair real bad …

Monday, December 20, 2010

New (to Me) Beast Dolls - Do You Have a Preference?

Has anyone seen this Beast before? He reminds me of the Candy Glam Barbie.

He looks handsomer than the Disney Beast. I wonder if the Disney store has a different doll or if they used a different doll for the online photograph?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mysterious Manuel from Woolworth's circa 1973

Here are two photos of my childhood Manuel doll, bought at a Woolworths store in the 1970s. Manuel is roughly the size of Mattel Steve Sunshine of the Sunshine Family. Like Stephanie Sunshine, Manuel's wife had blonde rooted hair and there was a baby, too. Alas, only Manuel remains. He is one of my first Hispanic dolls.

Does anyone recognize him?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Selling More Fashion Fever Dolls: See Flickr Folder

Here I go again, trying to reduce my Mattel dolls. This time, I've got some Barbie Fashion Fever dolls for sale. Please see my Flickr folder.

Thanks in advance ;-D

A Tale of Two Big Heads

I have been meaning to switch the Blossom Russo doll head onto a larger body. I had thought that the Flavas P Bo body would suit. I forgot about the big blob above the P Bo neck and the prong thing above that. So Blossom's old school socket is not large enough to fit over the elaborate neck apparatus. Darn, darn, darn.

As for this P Bo head, it will go in my Head Bin. I'm not inspired to use if for anything myself.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Dolls Shown at Target: I Can Be a Ballroom Dancer and 2011 Swimsuit Doll

I saw these two dolls at Target: one of the new 2011 Swimsuit dolls and I Can Be a Ballroom Dancer Barbie.

Catty-critical collector comments:

The swimsuit doll does NOT need those bangs. Her forehead isn't high enough - as a bang-wearing individual, I know about that. Also, is she on a Hobbit body? Oh, no! Not them again.

Could we at least have variety regarding the Barbie hair color for these I Can Be dolls? On the plus side though, I see that Target is stocking some Black I Can Be dolls. So there will be a little bit of variety. Note: I am being good and not whining about the ever-presence of the Adria-Desiree head mold. (Picky me is getting tired of this new face already, Sigh.)

My Turn: Flavas Awards Liam Showing Off

Regular readers may recall a post about Choice Awards Tre. Well, since that post, Choice Awards Liam has been sulking. No, he doesn't particularly want to show his wig and his wig case. (He's a little embarrassed by the wig accessories.) He feels that he should also have been featured, so I took a few photographs of him. Liam is sure you will enjoy them ;-D

Liam wearing the alternate outfit.

Off with his shirt ... uh oh. What is he up to?

Notice his fine white socks and below the knee length pants. (Neither of us know what to call this style. Knickers?)

I should have known that naughty boy was up to something.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Power Team Guys to Go - Deal Style

These two Power Team guys are for sale. $15 each. Let me know if you are interested ...

Furry Pieces for Sale - No Animals Harmed

I received a query about any furry items I have that I would sell. These are the first I found that matched that criteria.

Happy Viewing!

From left to right:

Leopard "tail" from Josie of Josie and the Pussycats doll (Jakks Pacific) $1
Black leather jacket from Lost Angel Colette (Integrity's Fashion Royalty; NuFace) $10.00*
Fur trimmed coat from My Scene Lindsay Lohan original outfit (Mattel) $3
Fashion Corner, Leather in Vogue, outfit with fur scarf (Lucky) $4 NRFB
White fur stole, from Fashion Fever Barbie outfit (Mattel) $1

No PayPal payments accepted for these items unless they are shipped with other items. (U.S. postal money order for payment.)

* Don't know how to "open" this elegant jacket.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Target 7-Doll Exclusive Set

Once there were 8 Disney princesses. They were Pocahontas, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella and Mulan.
Then there were 7 Disney princesses. They were Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, and Mulan.

Now there are 7 Disney princesses shown below that are in a Target exclusive set.

Who is missing?
Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan

Who would be your choices for a Disney Princess set?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Make a Deal ...

This is IT!

I definitely have to reduce the number of dolls, action figures, and stuff that I have. So, I want to let you, my readers, have the first chance to buy almost any doll or action figure shown here. (Holds hand up to still the squeals, excited gasps, etc. - yeah, right, hmmm? LOL) Please scan my photos here and on Webshots and let me know what interests you.

No, I have not given up the hobby. I just need to reduce the quantity and soon. Shrug.

If so, send me an email. Perhaps we can make a sale. Ooops, I mean deal.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Drug Store Dolls Found -- Tis the Season for Bland Fare

Saw these dolls at a local Rite Aid Drug store: Justin Bieber and a Holiday Wish Barbie. My online buddy Omar aka Actionman81 mentioned that the Justin Bieber doll looked like a remake of Shane from Camp Rock. As goofy as I thought that doll was, this one looks worse. I mean did the company melt away ANY personality that the singer/doll could possibly have? What do you think?

The Barbie looks like a basic recent Barbie. Zzzzzz ....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yardsellr.com - Anyone Sell Here?

I've started selling at a new spot - Yardsellr, recommended by fellow blogger Frannie. She had not tried it at the time, but thought it would be interesting. It is, but I am not sure if my things will sell there. (Aside: I know that one won't go due to the doll's price. Will see about the others.)

Any Yardsellrs out there, reading here?

Thanks in advanced.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Defa Lucy Fashion Dolls (Valu-Plus Sale Continued)

Here are additional Defa Lucy fashion dolls - including the Hasbro-Jon-faced male doll with black hair in two race/ethnicities. The female doll looks like a cheap, standard Barbie clone, but the male doll is ARTICULATED! A new and cheap male poser body! In pinkish flesh and gray-brown flesh. Imagine the possibilities ...

The pink-fleshed dolls were seen at the Frankford Avenue store (across from the Frankford Terminal Station) while the gray-brown-fleshed dolls were seen at the Chelten Avenue store (in Germantown).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Valu-Plus Store Closing in Philadelphia, New Jersey

Valu-Plus, a local discount store, is closing and selling items from 20%-60% off. The Defa Lucy fashion dolls are presently at 20% off. The prices range from $4.99 to $11.99. So far, I have only checked at the 69th Street store (Upper Darby) and at the Frankford Avenue store (across from the Frankford Terminal Station). These photos are from the 69th Street store:

The store is also selling ALL inventory including the fixtures, furniture, etc. Additional reading may be found temporarily at this Craiglist ad.

P.S. I just saw and photographed a new Defa Lucy male doll that I will post in the next day or so. He's a match to the red-haired male Defa Lucy figure shown in an earlier post only with black hair. My online pal Omar aka Actionman81 informed me that the Defa Lucy head sculpt might be that of  Hasbro's S Club Jon. So if you  missed getting Hasbro Jon doll, you can get that head on an articulated body. (Local collectors and those near a closing Valu-Plus store.)

Good luck getting bargains on dolls and other items!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Readers and Followers (aka Readers Plus ;-D)

Thanks for spending time with me. I appreciate you ALL!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Mixis News - Fourth *New* Doll!

Oh, oh, oh!

There's a *new* Mixis doll on the horizon. Not out yet, but you can see her photo here on Facebook.

Always something to look forward to ....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mixis Sale - Run to the Store at Mixis.com!

It's been a while since I've seen any Mixis news, but I stopped by the Mixis website and lo! The page was updated. There are additional blog posts and sigh-worthy recipes - plus a MIXIS Online Book Club. Interesting readings submitted by our four favorite Mixis characters. And even better than that, the Holiday Sale!

The Mixis First Edition Dolls (Emerald, Houda, Opal, and Rose) are on sale for $29.99 each doll; regular price is $59.99 each doll.

The Mixis Sunshine Dolls (Emerald, Rosa, Opal and Houda) are on sale for $24.99 each doll; regular price is $49.99 each doll.

Mixis Culturally Inspired Clothing paks vary from $8.50 to $12.50.

Note: YNU Group International, the manufacturers of the Mixis dolls, is located in Canada. I include this information because the shipping will be from Canada.

Time to stock up for holiday and post-holiday gifts, hmmm?

Friday, November 12, 2010

November is Native American/American Indian Heritage Month

Hmmm ... the Census uses the term, "American Indian and Alaska Native Populations", to describe the U.S. population I had thought were called "Native Americans." Wonder when the title reverted to "American Indian?"

November remains American Indian Heritage Month though. Which American president signed a joint congressional resolution designating November as “National American Indian Heritage Month?” President George H.W. Bush in 1990. So there's a bit of modern American history for you.

Representing American Indians from my collection, Mattel's Eskimo Barbie and Mattel's Twilight Jacob pose together. Eskimo Barbie is a favorite -- I love the facial screening for this face sculpt. She's borrowed the little wine dress that belonged to Aoshima/Skynet's No.24, Woman doctorTanaka Miina and a Fashion Fever Navaho-themed belt. Jacob wears his original jeans and sneakers. He believes that having strong abdominal muscles makes up for formal clothes. Thinks, he. Tsk.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Barbie Series Found at Burlington Coat Factory

I don't know if this particular Barbie series is a Burlington Coat Factory exclusive or not, but that is where I saw them. The line seems to consist of Barbie, Summer, and Teresa: here are their thin cardboard boxes lined up with the side of one box that shows the [possibly] three dolls in the set:

What I find interesting is that we have 3 blond Barbies (different hairstyles), one red-haired Summer, and one brunette Teresa. No Black or Asian dolls in this series -- shown on the box or among the dolls. I know, I know; there are the So in Style dolls. There are the Barbie Basics. So, there are Black dolls in other Barbie series. I suppose that there is one Asian doll in the Barbie Basics line. Not a single Asian doll shown here though. What happened to Lea? Lea come back! And is Grace Barbie's only Black friend? What happened to Christie and Nikki? Yes, I am greedy ;-D

Actually, I should not complain. There are more than enough Barbies and related dolls and similar-sized dolls and action figures. So I should not complain. Mattel really doesn't want me to be overwhelmed.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Justin Bieber Anyone? New Dolls

While I was searching for online information about the Burlington Coat Factory Barbies, I came across this news: a Justin Bieber doll will be sold by Toys R Us. Now I can just recognize this singer's name, but those of you who associate with teenagers and pre-teens may recognize him. (How do I recognize the name? A local disc jockey, Danny Bonaduce, mentions Justin Bieber. And I've seen young Bieber's poster at Walmart. Don't know what he sounds like. Don't particularly care to find out. Must be [my advanced] age because I at him and wonder why him.)

He looks as if he might be Barbie-scale, so we might have another young male figure to add to our collection. Maybe ... I'll wait to see the actual doll.

A new male figure anyway!

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Blog(s): Reality Forest and Diorama Details

I was reading a post at Ms. Leo's blog when I saw a comment by another blogger. Clicked on the link and WOW!

Diorama heaven. And outside scene diorama tips. I love blogger and artist Matthew's explanations as to how he obtained the forest look for his story blog*, Reality Forest. There are such talented artists and storytellers among doll and action figure collectors.

*I should note though that Reality Forest seems an "adult" story.  There is some doll nudity and mention of recreational drug use. I mention these to avoid offending any of my readers. (Oh and I know that my blog has some doll nudity, too. And I have mentioned body parts by name. Some readers probably scream upon viewing yet another nude doll comparison. But seriously, how will you know if I don't occasionally show?) The companion blog, REALITY FOREST : HOW IT'S MADE, seems to have detailed diorama creation notes.

Happy Blogging Anniversary to Ms. Leo and to Matthew. Many more years blogging!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

T.J. and Two Vampires

T.J. has a skeleton in her hands. She's setting the stage for the 2010 EPDAF* Halloween Party.

Barnabas recounts events past to T.J. while [No]Angelus prepares to tweak her hair. Or does she sense him ready to grasp her ponytail?

Happy Halloween to All!

*East Philadelphia Doll and Action Figure

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are All the Asian-Produced Dolls Slim Like Momoko? See Lady's Mission

You’ve seen how many produced-for-Asian-markets fashion dolls have small builds. If you are familiar with MaBa’s Barbie and Takara’s Jenny, you might think Asian market fashion dolls all have small body frames.

Blant! That’s the buzzer ringing. Wrong. Some female Asian market action dolls or articulated fashion dolls have sturdy frames. The Aoshima/Skynet Ladies Mission and Girls' Mission action dolls as well as the Takara/BBi have definite weight to them. Nothing missish or delicate about them. Plus, they have poseability.

The Lady’s Mission action dolls have full names, numbers, and occupations. Their faces are usually bland. Their hair can be smooth and flat like No. 21 shown below or rough and coarse like that of Kelly Jackson, Lady's Mission Slim Body, No. 4 Basic Infantry. Let’s look at Aoshima/Skynet action doll from Madam Ryu Reika, No. 21 who is a “Street princess.”


P.S. Madam Ryu Reika comes with two formal dresses, one a blue print mini and the other a long red Qi Pao (cheongsam or mandarin gown) and two pairs of high heeled shoes. The "leather" underpants she wears in these photos is part of her original outfit.

Additional photos of this action doll are here in my Webshots.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2011 Ken Previews - See Charles' and Jef's Websites!

Charles of Charles' Doll Pages has some gorgeous photos and updates about some of the 2011 Kens. Do check his website.

Next, Jef at Keeping Ken has information about a Sweet Talking Ken who wouldn't appeal to me, but who might appeal to some. This Ken repeats in his voice, what the person "playing with" him wants Ken to say. I always thought the thrill of being with another person was to have that person's comments, etc. I could always tell myself whatever I want to hear without using another person as a puppet. Poor Ken.

Then again, Ken tends to break some expectations of how a man should act.

Shaving Fun Ken, though, I would snap up as soon as I could. Who can resist a bearded Ken?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Momoko and Similar-Sized Dolls

In a previous post, I uploaded photos showing the bare bodies of some larger 1:6 scale dolls and female action figures. In this post, I want to show variations in some smaller 1:6 scale dolls - the Momokos, Susies, Volks, and Azone dolls. (A comparable sized doll, Takara's Jenny, does not appear because the first Momokos, the Petworks Momokos, use the SAJ or Super Action Jenny body.) These photos show from left to right:

Petworks Momoko 2002, R&D Susie, Petworks/R&D Goth Girl Momoko 2003, Sekiguchi Momoko, Azone Reina Sarafan a la Mode, and Volks Who's That Girl? Kana.

(Note that the Sekiguchi Momoko is the shortest at around 10" tall.)

The second photo has a closer look of the dolls' different joints, etc. Of the four shown here, Kana has the prettiest and the most flexible articulation. Susie has the prettiest, most-realistic face though. Azone Reina has the fullest breasts.

These dolls can share some Barbie fashions although the later teen Skipper fashions from 2000 fit them better.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Avon Rose Splendor Barbie Doll on Sale

Avon Barbie dolls anyone?

Here is a link to Avon Rose Splendor Barbie Doll. A Norristown Avon representative has these dolls on sale. There's an African American one and a Caucasian one. Interesting. There aren't usually many Asian Avon dolls, but the lack of a Hispanic doll for this issue surprises me. Now that Hispanics are the largest minority group in the U.S. .... hmm ....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Target Exclusives and Nod to Charles of My Doll Diary

Charles of My Doll Diary recently wrote an article about "new" Target exclusive Barbie dolls. Since Charles has beautiful photos of the blond and the brunette dolls, I won't repeat their photos here. This past weekend, I saw these dolls at two Target stores in Philadelphia, PA. I am happy to report that, yes, the Black Barbie Glitz doll does exist. Her face sculpt seems a little shorter than the Desiree one and her complexion is light-medium brown.

There are also Target exclusive "closets" or three-outfit sets.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blast from My Past or East Coast Borrowing Friday Flashback Theme

This post arrives with a nod to Smidge House, author of the ever-fascinating Friday Flashback posts. Instead of reminiscing, I've found old diary entries about dolls. Typed them and leave them here as Blasts from My Past.

If you had asked me before I found an old diary, if I were conscious of the Jem dolls back in the 1980s, I would have said, just a little bit. In my early work days, I spent more time doing social things that – alas – took money away from collecting. However, after reading one entry, I realized that I’ve been “blogging” about dolls a lot longer than I thought. That thought brought a smile to my face. Here's one bit about Hasbro's Jem.

Saturday, May 16, 1987
Kiddie City has the new Jem dolls. Rock’n Curler Jem (ugh!), Gold’n Glitter Jem (if not for the gold threads in her hair, the best looking one) and another one with pink/blonde hair that I’ve forgotten the title of. Then they’ve added new characters: Clash of the Misfits, Video, Danse, and Raya of the Holograms (the first plays the Holograms video tapes, the second plans their chorography [sic] – I like her best – and the third actually backs up the Holograms on the drums.
Alarm went off. It’s 6:41.
Back to the new dolls. Gold’n Glitter Rio is mmm-good-looking. I saw Kimber and Aja (I have the latter – need Jem, Kimber and Shana) but not Shana I’ve never seen her there. I don’t know whether I should ask or if I should check back at Kay-Bee Toys – they had her.”

Thursday, October 14, 2010

EPPP Seek New Storm/Actress from Five Contenders

Update: the Management at the East Philadelphia Playscale Playhouse or EPPP sought an understudy/replacement for local actress, Storm, a ToyBiz action and fashion doll. The votes tallied for the potential Storm replacement/understudy were

Candi 13
Flaunt It 9
Janay 4
Other 3

While any other group might have chosen Candi or Flaunt It, the EPPP Management became intrigued by the additional entries, Ebony and Kida, submitted by fellow doll and action figure bloggers, RoxanneRoxanne and Ms. Leo, respectively. (Yes, the EPPP Management is almost as fickle as on-again, off-again actress Storm.) Here are links showing those new candidates:



The EPPP Management now request your assistance again. Which of the five models do you feel should be the new face of Storm?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teresa, Teresa - Barbie's Hispanic Friend

Mattel introduced Teresa in 1988.

Below are Teresas in my collection:

Teresa in the 1990s: Wet and Wild, Walmart Shopping Time, Perfect Pink, and Butterfly Art Teresa. Most Teresas had golden or light brown complexions with dark or black hair. Her eye color could be blue as in Walmart Shopping Time Teresa or hazel/green as in Butterfly Art Teresa, but usually Teresa's eye color was brown.

Moving forward ten years. Mattel now provides hair and complexion variety to Teresa as shown in the Fashion Fever line dolls. Teresas can now have blond hair and fair/light complexions as well as blue eyes.

More Teresas with different face sculpts - including two new ones:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Other Hispanic Dolls and Action Figures

Below are some non-Mattel Hispanic dolls or action figures that I own. I don't have the Selena or the Ricky Martin dolls so they are not included in this list.

BBi Perfect Body Female Action Figure
Perfect Body

BBi Male Action Figure
Sargent Mendez

Chic Boutique
Chicas a la Moda Arianna

Chic Boutique
Glamour Girl Flower Power

Get Real Girl

Get Set Club

G. I. Joe

Haschel Toys
Olga Tanon

Hot Toys
Bronze TrueType Figures

Alejandro from the Janay line

Alysa from the Janay line


Jakks Pacific
GirlForce Bianca

Jakks Pacific
Fashion Doll: Muneca de Mode Catalina

Jakks Pacific
Fashion Doll: Muneca de Mode Damita

I-Girl Rio

Play Along Ltd., Division of Jakks Pacific
Chanel of the Cheetah Girls

Play Along Ltd., Division of Jakks Pacific
Dorinda  of the Cheetah Girls

Playmates Toys Inc.
Ever Girl

R&D Dolls


Christina Aguilera

YNU Group Inc.
Mixis Rosa

Please write if you are aware of other Hispanic fashion dolls or action figures.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Versatile Blogger Award - Thanks, Debbie!

Debbie of Black Doll Collector bestowed one of The Versatile Bloggers Awards on me because she has found my blog informative and comprehensive for playscale dolls. Aw shucks. But yes, yes, yes! I do accept the Award. Thanks for the honor.

According to the rules of this award, I am supposed  to share 7 things about myself. (Yeah, like you don't hear enough of Dana, D7ana, Dana - LOL) Next steps:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. (See blog title above and blog links below)
2. Share 7 things about yourself. (See below)
3. Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous. (Below)
4. Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award. Now to start notifying the bloggers. Hmmm ... that action will take some time, LOL.

Dana's 7 Things:

1. Antique dolls feel creepy to me.
2. I could research play scale dolls and action figures all day. Surprised?
3. Writing helps me clarify thoughts and feelings.
4. I enjoy watching some cooking shows.
5. Reading cozy mysteries soothes an unsettled mind.
6. It’s fun to get around Philadelphia on public transit: yay, SEPTA.
7. Chocolate is a gift from Heaven. Hmmmmm ....

I'd like to pay The Versatile Blogger Award to the following bloggers:

1. Me-Noemi

2. Collecting Black Dolls

3. A Girl Named Beebo

4. Blog of Stench

5. Brooklyn Stars Forever

6. CorsetKitten

7. Dolls of Color

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9. iLhamology's Toys

10.  I-Luv-Dolls 

11. Lies Secrets Silence

12. Niel’s Dolls

13. Roxanne's Dolls

14. SmidgeHouse

15. ThriftStoreDolls

Thanks all!

Blog Award from Sil Noemi of Me-Noemi Blog

Sil Noemi has graciously bestowed a Sunshine blog award to me. Pretty photo, isn't it?

The rules are to keep the image and to show it in your blog then pass the prize to other 12 bloggers. Now I need to share 12 blogs. Note: to avoid repetition and more generously share the sites of seduction blogs I follow when I can, the blogs listed in these Award posts will NOT be the same.

1. Barbie Collector Obsession

2. Collecting 12 inch toys

3. Creazione

4. Juliana's Toy Collecting Tips

5. Las cositas de Nury

6. Milkshake a la Mode

7. MSJ's Doll Pit

8. R&D Spotlight

9. Squarepeg's Misc Musings

10. Super cool doll house

11. The Barbie-Queue

12. Thoughts on 1:6

Thanks all! Hope these links extend your reading pleasure.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Large BFC, Ink. Dolls? Wish They Were Available Smaller

Fans of the larger BFC, Ink. dolls? Seems they have a boy and a new [Asian] girl doll. Links for the new two here:

Wouldn't these be a welcome addition to the smaller BFC, Ink. dolls?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Ken Book News

Jef Beck of the Keeping Ken website is publishing a book on Ken. The expected publish date is March 13, 2011 which will be Ken's 50th Birthday. Exciting news, hmmm? Yes!

The 2011 Ken - well, one of them - seems to be wearing a dark gray suit - oh! real guy clothes for Ken, whee hooo! But he looks a little too soft for my taste. Mushy mouth. Shrug. And a lot like some of the recent Kens issued already.

Monday, October 4, 2010

On Clearance at Walmart - Liv Pet Dolls, Moxie Girlz, and Charlie's Angels Kellys

Regarding the Liv dolls with their pets - hmmmm ... not bad.

Regarding the Moxie dolls - pass. Accessories look cheesy. Not keen on the big heads either.

Regarding the Charlie's Angels Kellys - tsk. Not to be prudish, but they look "tarted up." And $29.88 doesn't strike me as a clearance price.

Why Mattel? Why Artsy Swapping' Stylin'?

Let me say first, that I do not understand the Mattel Fashionistas Swapping' Stylin' dolls. Bratz created a similar type of doll, but they had three head choices for one body. (I think anyway ;-D) Here, there is a doll with an exchange-able head-body.

Why, I ask. Why? There is only ONE doll with Artsy's body. So WHY, WHY, WHY is she on a Swapping' Stylin' body?

Unless, there is going to be a new Fashionista with whom Artsy can share her body.

P.S. What happened to re-dressing dolls?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Previews - Themed Dolls

Halloween-themed dolls are showing up at Targets, Kmart, and grocery stores. Yes, Barbie witches and the Twilight dolls are out. I am tempted by two of the Twilight dolls, Victoria and Alice. (God, I am tired of the ubiquitous smiling face blond Barbie witches. Can't Mattel find another face sculpt for the Halloween dolls?) If you are a fan, you might want to buy sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. I haven't seen any of the Kelly Halloween bunch yet. Has anyone else?

Monday, September 27, 2010

NNnnnnnooooo! Petworks to Ship International? Can Our Budgets Stand This?!

I was researching something else when I came across this information. Is it a late April Fool's Day joke? Petworks to ship international.

Who would think it?

Ah but the timing ....

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have received friendly warnings from readers about threats to their computers IF they click on PhillyCollector. Sigh. It seems that my BlogRoll is the source. I'm removing Blogroll now until I find how to put it up without generating that awful message OR any damage to anyone's computer. Here's the link sent to me - in case you should see this problem elsewhere -


I am lucky to have such great doll pals. I appreciate you all. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend and a fun week to come.

Again, Doll for Sale (Yes, Yes, I Know ;-D)

I'll lift the PayPal restriction for U.S. buyers - anyone can use it.

Fashion Fever Barbie - $15 each OR 5 for $50
Wave A
Kayla, H0651, silver net jacket, pink net skirt
Teresa, H0658, striped knee high socks, red furry vest, denim skirt

Wave B
Kayla, H0662, silver jacket, red tank, gray heather miniskirt

Wave C (This doll ONLY $10)
Kayla, pink flamingo top, pink-tan print skirt but powdery residue on doll face

Wave F
Drew, H0895, red tee w. monkey appliqué, pale blue miniskirt
Kayla, H0892, lilac jacket, orange tee shirt
Kayla, H0893, pink mini jumper, gray-green tank

Wave N
Barbie, Styled by me Barbie

Wave R
Barbie MT, purple top, blue jeans
Barbie MT, pink plaid jacket, blue jeans
Drew/Skipper PJ, pink strawberry pj

Wave T
Drew MT, pink-white lacey dress, blonde hair

Wave U
#J1381 pale complexion, black haired Kayla?

Wave V
Barbie, pink mini dress w. painted jewel inset
Drew, apricot fur jacket, black mini skirt
#K3676 Holiday Barbie

Other NRFB Barbie and Friends for $10 EACH

My Scene Delancey Target, 2004
My Scene Chelsea Rebel Style, 2006
My Scene Madison Rebel Style, 2006
My Scene Nolee Rebel Style, 2006
My Scene Nolee Just Chillin', 2003

Birthstone Beauties: May Miss Emerald (Black) 2007
Birthstone Beauties: November Miss Topaz (White) 2007

Barbie as Veronica, 2005

Barbie Diaries Courtney, 2005

Butterfly Art Barbie, 1998
Butterfly Art Teresa, 1998
Other Mattel Dolls – Various Prices

Feelin' Groovy Barbie, 1986. MIB, $35 (Note: box opened but doll & accessories intact)
Anne Klein Barbie, 1997. NRFB, $35
Limited Edition DC Catwoman, 2003. NRFB, $80
Happy Family New Neighbors Mom and Baby, 2004. NRFB. $150
Walmart Shopping Teresa, 1997. NRFB, $15
I Love Lucy: “Job Switching” Lucy & Ethel, 2008. NRFB, $40

Grab Box of 10 Nude Barbie and/or Friends dolls all in excellent condition, $60.70, shipping via USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box for U.S. addresses included. Includes My Scene Barbies, Fashion Fever, miscellaneous other Mattel fashion dolls.

Integrity Toys Doll and Outfits

Alysa wearing Purple bandana set, green teal dress, OR yellow top and white pants, $15 each
Colette’s black leather jacket, $15

Sekiguchi Momoko
Sugarly Cafe Au Lait, nude and excellent condition, $40

Other Dolls
Grab Box of 10 Non-Mattel Fashion dolls all in excellent condition, $50.70, shipping via USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box for U.S. addresses included. Hannah Montana, Chic Boutique, Integrity Candi, etc.

Friday, September 24, 2010

More Integrity Playline Information - Source Link and Another Alysa Photo

I was checking for one-sixth scale eyeglasses when I saw these dolls STILL available! Old Joe Infirmary not only updated their website, they also have a few of the newer - probably second / 2.5 face sculpts AND the last face sculpts - available for reasonable prices -- under $20 -- do click that link to see if there are any dolls you would want there.

Here is another photo for all the Alysa fans out there - Royal Heritage [Bride] Alysa! And [Groom] Alejandro - he's cute, too. Sigh. Wipes at eye corner with a tissue. Such a lovely couple!

I think that the bride set at the Keeping Ken article is the second or the first Alysa sculpt while mine is from the 2.5 sculpt.

More Hispanic Fashion Dolls - Chic Boutique Arianna

I have mentioned the Chic Boutique dolls in a previous post; here is a close up photo of Arianna, one of their Hispanic fashion dolls.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Integrity Alysas - Two of Her Four Faces

Integrity playline dolls have appeared in recent posts by Frannie of Thrift Store Dolls and by MSJ of MSJ's Doll Pitt. Since this is Hispanic Heritage Month, I simply must share some of my other Hispanic dolls. Let's start with Alysa, an Integrity Toys, fashion doll from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

A fan from the Integrity Toys Janay & Friends Yahoo Group wrote that there were 4 Alysa head sculpts:

First face sculpt (BIG)
Second face sculpt (improved but still biggish)
2.5 face sculpt (slimmer than the second sculpt; probably the one I have)
Third face sculpt ("pinched" look in my opinion; I have MANY of these, LOL)

Below is a comparison photo of the 2.5 and the 3rd Alysa face sculpts.

I just love, love, LOVE the second or 2.5 head sculpt. But I love the titan curls on the third head sculpt doll, too. The dolls shown are Heat Wave Alysa from 2001 and Studio It Alysa from 2005.

Below, are more photos from that lovely, volatile-looking Alysa (2nd or 2.5 face sculpt?): Urban Reflections (far left), purple-haired Color Rave, and Heat Wave.

Don't forget that Therese is working on a Janay database.