Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teresa, Teresa - Barbie's Hispanic Friend

Mattel introduced Teresa in 1988.

Below are Teresas in my collection:

Teresa in the 1990s: Wet and Wild, Walmart Shopping Time, Perfect Pink, and Butterfly Art Teresa. Most Teresas had golden or light brown complexions with dark or black hair. Her eye color could be blue as in Walmart Shopping Time Teresa or hazel/green as in Butterfly Art Teresa, but usually Teresa's eye color was brown.

Moving forward ten years. Mattel now provides hair and complexion variety to Teresa as shown in the Fashion Fever line dolls. Teresas can now have blond hair and fair/light complexions as well as blue eyes.

More Teresas with different face sculpts - including two new ones:


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

have no idea that Barbie has friend name Teresa. nice collection u got. *envy* hohoho

AilanthusAltissima said...

Great post. Do you know approximately how many Teresas there have been over the years? I only have one Teresa - a Quinceanera doll. Mine has fair skin and dark hair (I don't remember eye color), but I think there was also a blond Qinceanera doll. You have a great collection of Theresas!

D7ana said...

Thanks, iLham and AA!

Glad you enjoy seeing my collection.

Barbie has LOTS of friends, LOL. Teresa has graced the Barbie scene over 100 times - there are at least 96 dolls produced. You can see listed by Vivian of La Princesa Plastica.