Thursday, October 14, 2010

EPPP Seek New Storm/Actress from Five Contenders

Update: the Management at the East Philadelphia Playscale Playhouse or EPPP sought an understudy/replacement for local actress, Storm, a ToyBiz action and fashion doll. The votes tallied for the potential Storm replacement/understudy were

Candi 13
Flaunt It 9
Janay 4
Other 3

While any other group might have chosen Candi or Flaunt It, the EPPP Management became intrigued by the additional entries, Ebony and Kida, submitted by fellow doll and action figure bloggers, RoxanneRoxanne and Ms. Leo, respectively. (Yes, the EPPP Management is almost as fickle as on-again, off-again actress Storm.) Here are links showing those new candidates:



The EPPP Management now request your assistance again. Which of the five models do you feel should be the new face of Storm?


AilanthusAltissima said...

What kind of stunts will the understudy/replacement be required to do as Storm? Is poseability an important issue or is it more a matter of overall aesthetics? Who else has been cast in this production?

D7ana said...

The Management of EPPP shudder at the thought of stunts (think, insurance LOL); while the ToyBiz Storm faints. No stunts for her, heh, heh.

The understudy would need to appear and to portray the role of the day/week. Poseability isn't important: the ToyBiz Storm has limited poseability - like the bent arm SuperStar Barbies. (Note, I am assuming this about her poseability because I actually haven't taken her from her box ;-})

The Management would like someone with similar complexion/hair contrast to Storm since she is the expected diva for their productions. (No, they don't have scads of respect for their audience, I suppose.)

The rest of the cast has not been chosen: Storm would have to give her approval first. Oh, yes, she is a diva.