Saturday, August 8, 2009

Treats at Target: Calista, Juku Couture, Moxie Girls

I went to Target and got permission from a store clerk to take a few photographs of their stock. Behold the ones that lit up my morning.

Ah Calista! Must have, must buy. Not today, but soon. And I might add a few of the Juku Couture dolls by Jakks Pacific, too. But first, Calista and her friends from the BFC Ink, Group by MGA Entertainment. I like their delicate look.

MGA Entertainment should thank Mattel for the lawsuit. The Moxie girls are MUCH cuter than any of the tarty, freakish-looking Bratz. And the Moxie girls have small noses. Noses! Sigh. The heads are still a little large, but the bodies seem taller and possibly a little wider. I'm tempted by the Art-titude dolls with bicycles included. Another 1:6 scale collector has some Bratz dolls that he describes as "aliens" in his doll setting. I guess there is room for alien dolls here.

Mercy lives: the Liv dolls are too big-headed for me so I have NO interest in them. That's good for me because I save money for others I AM interested in. But they have this playset that just might do for me. I'll have to see more of it before I decide.

There was a Walking Tuesday Taylor doll years ago. I didn't understand the walking fashion doll appeal then; I don't understand it now. But the dog is cute. Then again, there are those acid-vision lollipop trees. I'd have to inflict them on someone else.

Disney Princess Seven Pack - Princess Tiana

Target's newest Disney Princess multi-doll pack - seven Disney princesses in one box - has Princess Tiana. So the princess line-up includes:

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White

And what of Mulan? Couldn't eight princesses fit in the box?