Saturday, August 8, 2009

Disney Princess Seven Pack - Princess Tiana

Target's newest Disney Princess multi-doll pack - seven Disney princesses in one box - has Princess Tiana. So the princess line-up includes:

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White

And what of Mulan? Couldn't eight princesses fit in the box?


Dolls of Color said...

this pack is just perfect for "diversity"... any more non-Caucasian ethnic dolls will mean there's *too many* coloured dolls around and that would be scary - gotta have just one less "non-white" than "white" so average America won't be so spooked - oh the hypocrisy coming from a person whose favourite Disney princess is Belle O_o

anyway, I also hope that they come up with a Collector version of Tiana without the BHS...

Dolls of Color said...

... Pocahontas has been missing for a while too... maybe they thought both Mulan and Jasmine are both "Asian" so buyers will have to be satisfied with that?

D7ana said...

I always thought the either/or situation - only one Black/Hispanic/Asian/Native American - was done to reduce fraternization among the ethnic groups ;-P

Liking any or all of the Disney princesses has nothing to do with disliking the way the companies (Mattel, Disney) package the dolls. Separate issues IMHO. Choking and coughing over the H, LOL.

I have to thank the companies for the Big Head Syndrome (BHS); they help keep my doll population down and my wallet plumper.

D7ana said...

I usually don't get the Mattel Disney line - have a few - because they tend to have big heads and eyes that eat up half their faces. So I was not aware that Pocahontas had ever been part of a boxed Princess lineup. I might have bought that one. She and Belle are the princesses with the most normal heads.

Anonymous said...

i have this but i didn't get it yet

D7ana said...

Congratulations, Anonymous! I hope the Target set reaches you soon. If you post photos of them, please send the link and I will share that link with the Philly Collector viewers ;-)