Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Majestic Studios Battlestar Galactica Guys to Go

Here are three Battlestar Galactica action figures I bought in 2008:

From left to right: Lieutenant Starbuck (Dirk Benedict), Captain Apollo (Richard Hatch), and Commander Adama (Lorne Green). Majestic Studios Inc. produced these figures to represent the original cast from the 1978-79 TV series, Battlestar Galactica. I was aware of the show, but I did not follow it. However, when I saw the figures online, I had to have them - non-Ken, non-Joe guys!

As I mentioned in an earlier post on these figures, after I received them, I favored Commander Adamo. He would make a perfect priest for my playscale settings. The others, I am going to put them up for sale. They are the Battlestar Galactica "Guys to Go" in the title of this post.

What can I say about them? Well, their bodies are shiny and their faces and hands are flat, matte. I do not like the way their arms fit into their shoulders or the way their upper legs fit into their hip area. But I do find them fun to pose. Here are two more photos of them posing:

Also Found in Walmart and Pathmark - Liv & Barbie

Walmart (Wyncote, PA) has all FOUR of the Liv Dolls with their pets:

Here are photos of Liv Sophie ...

My what big eyes you have, grandma. The better to see you with, dear. My what an odd stare you have, grandma. The better to mesmerize you, dear. Creepy eyes, I think. But then, I just want them for their bodies and their clothes. Cackle. And their pesky little dogs - ouch. Couldn't resist.

Maybe the prototype for this Sophie had bangs; the produced doll has a side part with no bangs.

I did not see any of the Barbie Basics OR the Rocawear crew at this Walmart; my guess is either they sold out or they may not have received them yet.

Pathmark (Wyncote, PA) has both Valentine Wishes Barbie

Good news for fans of the Adrian/Desiree face mold, hers is the chosen head for the 2010 supermarket Valentine Wishes Barbie doll.