Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Wearing of the Christmas Sweaters from Brini

Happy New Year!

Before we discuss 2015 plans and themes, let us check those lovely Christmas sweaters Brini sent. Now the sweaters are not one-size fits all: I think of them as being small, large, and extra large. The blue ones are small, the button-trimmed one is large and the pom-pom tie one is extra large. The bodies modeling the sweaters are a Disney Mattel adult male, a YNU Group, Incorporated female, a Spin Master Liv female, and a Mattel young male teen. Or Kocoum, Emerald, Snow, and Harry.

YNU Group Emerald, Disney Kocoum, Disney Snow White and Mattel Harry Potter
Emerald, Kocoum, Snow, and Harry

Here are two closer photos of the Disney duo: Kocoum from Pocahontas and Snow from Snow White. If you have bent armed Kens from the late 1970s-2000s, you can use Kocoum's fit for how your bent-arm era Kens (or Ken buddy) would fit this size of the sweaters. The sweater fits over his head without the need to remove his head, but the torso is a little short. (The back view exposes more of Kocoum's waist than we think looks "nice." Fortunately, he has a toned torso.) It might be possible to stretch the sweater longer. The sweater arms are a perfect fit for this Mattel body.

Snow's head is on a Liv body. She is wearing the large sweater. The arms are a little long; the body, wider than needed. But I think it looks becoming on her. (Plus: it balances her head.)

Mattel Disney Kocoum and Mattel Disney Snow White on Spin Master Liv body
Kocoum and Snow heads and torsos

Kocoum and Snow back view

Here are Emerald and Harry in the extra large and small sweaters. The small sweater fits Harry fine. It is just a little wide for him. You can expect a similar fit for your other 10 3/4", straight-armed young male teen bodies - think Teen Skipper's boyfriend Kevin. 

Emerald is slightly swamped. The sleeves are a little long and the body a little wide. Still, she can wear it well. The sweater looks like a sweater-coat on her because she has a heavier build than the Liv body or basic Barbie bodies.

YNU Group Emerald and Mattel Harry Potter
YNU Group Emerald and Mattel Harry Potter

Emerald and Harry show the back view of their sweaters
I had so much fun placing these sweaters on various dolls that I've decided to create a separate page, possibly a video showing them. I'll leave the link on this blog, of course.

If you have any requests, let me know. Please note, some dolls and action figures refused to wear the sweaters. More on that with the follow up. 

Thanks, Brini, for making this holiday and post-holiday fun possible.