Thursday, January 6, 2011

Francie Outfit Borrowed by Violet (Momoko) and Kana

Violet (formerly Sweet Poodle Momoko) and Kana graciously modelled an excellent condition Francie outfit, The Lace Pace, for me.

[Aside: Please note that while Francie outfits fit, there are significant body differences. Both Violet and Kana have slightly longer arms. The bust does not fall in the same spot for these dolls and in the Francie outfits. Still, the girls present a lovely picture in one of my favorite Francie outfits.]

Oh, and they want to let everyone know that I am selling most of my Francie outfits. The outfits shown in my Francie Fun Fashions Webshots folder are for sale. Best offer for the lot of outfits and accessories will be accepted.