Friday, January 3, 2014

Which - if Any - of These Dolls Do You Think the World Could Have Done Without?

Short post: this author shows eleven dolls she feels the world could have done without having. Do you agree? 

Me, I disagree. I think that all of the dolls - even the out sized Steve Urkel doll - pause to shudder - have a place in American culture. So they have meaning and stir fondness for someone. Maybe they bring memories or reminders of some event in our lives. Moreover, even if people were not or are not fond of the dolls as representatives of bygone television characters, the dolls can provide variation to current collections. While I was never a fan of either Saved by the Bell or Beverly Hills, 90201, I like the faces on these dolls. I would re-body the Saved dolls onto taller bodies - of course - so that their heads and bodies would better suit my taste. 

Well, that is my opinion. What is yours? Would any of these be welcome additions to your collection?