Saturday, February 28, 2009

Practical and Creative Re-use for Twist Ties

I've listed web addresses to sites that use DAF packaging for settings and furniture for our figures. The writer-creators at those websites usually use boxes. What about the ever present twist ties? Are there other uses for them? Yes, there are. The following sites discuss twist tie uses:

Twist Ties: The Recycler's Dream Device

25 Creative and Useful Uses for Twist Ties

However, please note that using twist ties to bind computer cords can cause problems. Read the two responses against this use on this page:

Twist ties Bad Idea for PC Wire Management

An even more creative use for twist ties is recycling art. Some artists use "used goods" as their medium. I have sent an email query to one recycling artist who uses twist ties; I am waiting to hear the response before I mail off a batch of freshly removed ties.

I might check local websites for additional recycling artists. If they can use some of the packaging, that re-use could reduce waste volume and sanitation worker workloads as well as ease the conscience of "green" DAF collectors.