Friday, August 7, 2015

Seven Years Makes Me Think Long-term Goals

Seven years for a marriage means wool, copper, or brass gifts. With A PhillyCollector's anniversary being in late August, we're bypassing wool in favor of copper and brass. The DAFs found a Barbie tea kettle for this post's photo. Gifts are not as important as reflections. (Um, that's how not so keen on copper, brass, and wool I am. But I digress ;-) 

Let's talk GOALS.

My long-term goals for this blog are

* to be a reference for collectors of 1:6 aka playscale vinyl/plastic dolls and action figures,

* to be a forum where collector/enthusiasts can react to dolls, action figures, and related events,

* to curate other blog posts or websites of interest to collector/enthusiasts, and

* to share the creative fun of customizing figures and creating fashions, diorama, and stories.

Is there anything else I should add to that list?