Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lost a Follower, Gained (an Improved) Perspective

I had had 132* followers (minus about 3 duplicate ones). Cool huh?

Recently though my Followers count dropped to 131 followers. Oh, no! What happened? I mean, you can stop "following" without removing the "following" link. Someone felt strongly enough, that he or she wanted me to know that. And I thank that person for the act because that act made me realize how bad a blogger I had become. Missed posts. Missed promises. Shame.

I have to remember that I need to earn my Followers. Keep you entertained and/or informed. Or else, you will leave. And I will miss you.

So it's back to writing and posting for me.

* Actually, I had fewer than that because about three people either liked the blog enough to "follow" twice OR they forgot that they had "followed" before. Shrug.