Saturday, December 31, 2011

For Sale: Fashion Royalty Nadja, Bratz Sanity Vanity, Others

My For Sale entries over at TheDollPage are not complete yet, but if you are curious, check what I have on that site.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Faces of Justin Bieber (Doll)

Visited Walmarts - for inexpensive cat food. Yes, the cat has to eat, and either Walmarts or Target have the best prices for his food. Target is usually more tempting - for non-cat food things - so I sacrificed and went to Walmarts instead. Halo intact, I ventured over to the toy section - just to "look see." Found something unexpected: new Justin Beiber faces: one open-mouth (grinny); the other closed-mouth. The Bridge Direct, Inc. - the company who bring the playscale Justin Bieber dolls to vinyl - now offer combable aka rooted hair and talking Justin Bieber dolls.

The open-mouthed doll is called "Talking Justin Bieber"; other JB dolls are called JB Performance Collection dolls OR JB Style Collection dolls. The talking doll amused me because he has such tiny teeth. He has a smidge more personality than the closed-mouth dolls. He reminds me of Mattel's "Sweet Talking Ken." Weird, hmmm? Mattel's Ken resembles Justin Bieber whose doll in turn pulls a Ken act. Justin, however, has 12 set mushy phrases like "I heart?love? my fans." Sigh. Poor Ken. Your fiftieth anniversary and NO VOCABULARY of your own.

Snore. Oh, sorry. How rude to fall asleep over my own blog post. Can you imagine having a friend so vapid that he only repeats what you tell him to say? Who couldn't speak his own lines? I mean, you might as well date a tape recorder with voice distortion replay, lol. But the new Beiber doll has hair you can comb. Head falls forward. Yes, I am TOO awake still.

For additional photos of the Basic or the Style Collection dolls or outfits or playsets? You can find them at the company's website for Justin Bieber toys. Related news briefs can be found here as well.

In the meantime, here is the special set that I saw:

The Concert set looks cute ... nice looking musical instruments. Guitar, keyboard, and DRUMS.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

First sighting of a pink flamingo wearing a Santa suit.

Merry Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Links to WishBooks Past

When we were younger, my sisters and I used to peruse the Sears Wish Book and Spiegel's Christmas catalogs every fall.  We would check off the dolls that we wanted and imagine how we would play with them. If you have similar memories of sitting or want to investigate vintage dolls, click this a link to online catalogs.

Happy viewing! Link courtesy of Maynard G from the Power-Team Yahoo Group.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beastie Boys, Childhood Cancer and $750.00

Beastie Boys fan, anyone? And is childhood cancer a cause you would contribute to? If you answered yes to both questions, then you can have playscale Beastie Boys action figures for $750.00 USD. You can find additional information and photos of the action figures at the official store. There also is a video link showing a cute but VIOLENT video where several G.I. Joe action figures are "killed" by gunshots and fire.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

eBay Mixis Guide Update and eBay Photo RSS

1. I have added a few photos to my eBay Mixis Guide.

2. I have started an eBay photo album under the Barbie Group. You can subscribe to that group there if you'd like.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pajama Bria at Dollar General

She's cute ... well, all of the Moxie Girls are cute. They are like the anti-Bratz. Sure, they all have the same face - as far as I can tell - like the Bratz do. But the Moxie Girlz do fall straight into the "cute" category. Big eyes, little nose, and small mouth. Oh and big hair. And BIG head. Sigh. It's the big head that helps me NOT buy them.

I had not realized that there were any Black Moxie Girlz included in the Pajama Moxie Girlz sold at Dollar General stores. I had just seen the other girls: Avery, Lexa, and Sophina. No Bria for this wave, or so I thought.

So, check different neighborhoods for your Moxie Girlz Bria. Good luck finding here!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot Australian Pop Star in Playscale - TRU Exclusive

He's the thirteenth on the Billboard 21 Under 21 list for 2011, but this Australian pop singer is far from unlucky. Cody Simpson, from Gold Coast, Queensland, is now available as a TRU Exclusive. He's from a new toy company, The Wish Factory

You can find a YouTube video on young Mr. Simpson here. Please note: his height is down as 11.5" so he will be shorter than Kens but taller than the High School Musical boys who are 11" tall. Still, he's a new play scale male ... available from Toys R Us stores or at .

Vivid Imaginations and One Direction - More British Boys

How many of you want more male teenagers in your collection? Possibly Niel? Vanessa? Anyway, we have the JLS guys overseas representing male teenagers. And through the bounty of Vivid Imaginations we have MORE, yes MORE male teens. Who this time? Another boy band created from the British tv show, X-Factor ... One Direction.

Here are the five boy dolls - from the British-Irish boy band - Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson - shown in play scale at Amazon in the United Kingdom.

Still not enough? Well, hold on until January 2012 for another British-Irish boy band, this time, The Wanted.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I Have Seen StarDolls

StarDolls have landed in Philadelphia! Hooray! I have seen them. Cheers!

Where? Walmart? Which ones? Bonjour Bisou 1 and 2, and Doll Space 1 and 2. How many from these sets do I want? Three. Which three: Bonjour Bisou 1 and 2, and Doll Space 2. Anything I want to add to the conversations about these dolls?

1. See the doll and then choose the one you want. Some of the facial screening looks off. The eyes are painted higher than the intended eye place.

2. Arrrgggggghhh! That's the sound that surprisingly did NOT emit from my lips when I noticed that the handbag for Bonjour Bisou 1 was PLASTIC! All the handbags are plastic in these sets.

3. I like their head-body-foot look so much, I might keep them on their original bodies. Might ... no, they need new bodies. Shame I might have to lose their big feet. I like big-footed female dolls.

Bonjour Bisou 1 and Doll Space 1

Doll Space 2 and Bonjour Bisou 2

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Vampire Diary: Enduring Michelle and a Sideshow Poll

"Are you sure you don't want any popcorn?"

"Yes, Michelle, I AM sure. Ask all night, I still won't want any."

"No need to be grumpy. I agree to help you find your annoying girlfriend ..."

"TJ is NOT my girlfriend. She's my gal-pal."

"... and you won't even make nice for me while I watch my show."

"Why this show though? America's Next Top Model - why don't you just stake me?" [No]Angelus adds sotto voce, "Not like you could use this stuff - "

"I heard that!"

"Sideshow chicks are almost as dumb as teenagers. Almost ... say, we've got company, Me-shell. And guess what folks? You don't have to watch this drippy show. You can take this poll where you can give Sideshow Collectibles feedback."

"Somebody ought to have fun tonight."

"Say, [No]Angelus ... are you sure about the popcorn?"

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vivid Imaginations - Brown British are Coming!

Ladies and gents, folks of all ages, this tip is from SuperCoolDollhouse. SuperCoolDollhouse, you are the MAN! Scoop King! Let's give him both hands. Applause.

Behold, Britain's Boy Band, JLS, who reached second place on The X Factor in 2008. The X Factor is a musical talent reality show that I would not watch unless I had to choose between watching that show and being torn limb-to-limb. Shudder. "JLS" is an initialism for - Jack the Lad Swing. However, in spite of the reality show source, something "good" came from that television: four new ethnic male dolls! Squeak!

1. Vivid Imaginations brings JLS members to vinyl life.
Aston Merrygold
Marvin Humes
JB Gill and
Oritse Williams

2. The JLS dolls are PLAYSCALE - 30 cm! Their arms and legs seem to be straight, not jointed. Shame that. It's tricky finding poseable young male bodies. Word association? Cute. I can appreciate cute young guys as well as cute older men - wink. Especially in playscale drama.

There seem to be three versions of the dolls: original set with each group member packaged separately, a 4-doll set of the original group members, and a third set with doll wearing their Outta This World exclusive outfits.

3. Price, postage, PRICE. At one website, the sale price for the JLS members is 14.99 GBP for one doll which today translates to $23.39 USD. So the JLS guys will cost a little more than most Mattel pink box dolls. Given that each doll has a complete outfit - top, pants, shoes, and other small accessories, that is not a steep price. Postage from the U.K. or from Australia, I don't want to think about. although I could remind myself that these are once in a blue moon figures ... so they might be worth it. Whether will sell them to the U.S. or outside of Britain, I have to find out.

Thanks again for the scoop, SuperCoolDollhouse.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Price Query: My Scene Madison, Sutton, and a Little Black Convertible

I could use a little help from my friends.

I have a My Scene Cruisin' in My Ride gift set that includes Madison, Sutton, and a black convertible with leopard-patterned seat covers. Cool, huh? Yes, I think so. At last, a Barbie car in a color one might actually have - aside from the many red vehicles she has had. Since I have two red cars already, this black one was a welcome change.

My dilemma? Setting a price to this gift set and deciding whether I should sell this item. So I check to find out what price for this gift set. No reports on this gift set. So I look up the Barbie-Ellis Convertible gift set on - and you might be surprised to find that set at $142.29 . Whoa! Price inflation is common among collectibles on Amazon - and I am NOT criticizing that pricing. Sellers can set any price they want. Whether the item is bought, well, that is another story. Usually, I set "fair" prices. Either the market value when I bought the item or something more to consider the current demand. prices. And if you really want something, well, you might pay that price. But Amazon also has an exclusive Delancey-Hudson-silver car for $99.99. It seems to be that the prices should be reversed. I have NEVER seen the Delancey-Hudson set

I saw TONS of Barbie-Ellis-convertible sets back in those early My Scene years. Tons of them. But I only found ONE Madison-Sutton-convertible set. At a Kmart in southwest Philly, in a neighborhood called Eastwick. I fell in love with the car. Sutton and Madison looked the same as they did usually. So what should I charge for mine? Mine that I cannot find on the Internet when I checked for it.

Here are some photos so you can help me decide.

These accessories include: a drugged puppy that floats under Madison's arm, a molded plastic purse, his (blue) and hers (rose) sunglasses, a camera, a cell phone, and a few other things. Something I find odd is that while the box illustrations have Madison and Sutton drawn in instead of Barbie and Ellis, the overlarge fake foot/shoe that Madison wears seems to be the fake foot/shoe for Barbie - it looks pinkish instead of pinky-brown like Madison's complexion.

Another thing to consider: the shipping. I know that will be expensive. Finding a box to fit this will be trying, too. So I'll wait to hear from my online friends.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wee Roddy Wrestler ... Love His Bagpipes

He's not playscale but I'm sharing his photo here - taken at a Family Dollar store - because the bagpipes look so adorable.