Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Faces of Justin Bieber (Doll)

Visited Walmarts - for inexpensive cat food. Yes, the cat has to eat, and either Walmarts or Target have the best prices for his food. Target is usually more tempting - for non-cat food things - so I sacrificed and went to Walmarts instead. Halo intact, I ventured over to the toy section - just to "look see." Found something unexpected: new Justin Beiber faces: one open-mouth (grinny); the other closed-mouth. The Bridge Direct, Inc. - the company who bring the playscale Justin Bieber dolls to vinyl - now offer combable aka rooted hair and talking Justin Bieber dolls.

The open-mouthed doll is called "Talking Justin Bieber"; other JB dolls are called JB Performance Collection dolls OR JB Style Collection dolls. The talking doll amused me because he has such tiny teeth. He has a smidge more personality than the closed-mouth dolls. He reminds me of Mattel's "Sweet Talking Ken." Weird, hmmm? Mattel's Ken resembles Justin Bieber whose doll in turn pulls a Ken act. Justin, however, has 12 set mushy phrases like "I heart?love? my fans." Sigh. Poor Ken. Your fiftieth anniversary and NO VOCABULARY of your own.

Snore. Oh, sorry. How rude to fall asleep over my own blog post. Can you imagine having a friend so vapid that he only repeats what you tell him to say? Who couldn't speak his own lines? I mean, you might as well date a tape recorder with voice distortion replay, lol. But the new Beiber doll has hair you can comb. Head falls forward. Yes, I am TOO awake still.

For additional photos of the Basic or the Style Collection dolls or outfits or playsets? You can find them at the company's website for Justin Bieber toys. Related news briefs can be found here as well.

In the meantime, here is the special set that I saw:

The Concert set looks cute ... nice looking musical instruments. Guitar, keyboard, and DRUMS.


Muff said...

The Beiber people make some great clothes, but the faces... not so much. I bought one of those talking Kens when it was down to $6 at Target. I tried it out before I ripped all its clothes off and chucked the body. I felt appropriately silly, however, I could see how a preteen might tell it dirty things so "he" could say them back to her.

D7ana said...

Hi Hey,It's Muff! Yes, the clothes look well-made, quality. What I could see of the drum set and the other instruments, they looked nice, too. But the faces are remarkable for being so utterly flat and barely discernible as such. Bleeaahh.

I agree with you that some younger girls might enjoy having "Sweet Talking" Ken tell them "dirty things" - one of the articles I read about that Ken mentioned adults telling Ken silly things to hear "Ken" say them. Poor Ken!

AilanthusAltissima said...

You have more restraint than I do - any trip to the toy aisle for a 'look see' tends to end in a purchase or serious feelings of frustration for me.....

Are these dolls that popular? There seem to be a lot of different versions of this same celebrity doll. Do you think people buy multiple versions of the same doll or whether the different versions of the doll are aimed at different consumers?

The playsets look nice - the drums seem slightly out of scale, but for a playline doll they seem well done.

Georgia Girl said...

I love the one with the drum set. I need to keep an eye out for when it gies on sale.

Hapoy New Year to you!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: in Spain also sell different models of the singer. The good is the doll clothes and accessories that brings. Is lower than Ken. We remain in contact blog blog

D7ana said...

Hi Kim! I was disappointed that this store had NO Stardolls so the Justin Bieber dolls gave me something to report.

Your question is interesting. I think these dolls are popular - if I read what the website and YouTube mention. There are a few young girls posting videos about JB and those young directors feature the JB doll. This doll has the least personality of any doll I have ever seen. Even the cheapest ones ... so I would only get the toothy one.

But buying multiple versions of the same doll ... If there is enough variation, yes, I can see doing that. I have a Mego Diana Ross and a Mattel Diana Ross. Like them both. I only consider the Mego doll "Diana Ross;" the other is a different character. Perhaps having ALL versions is a way of showing "love" for the adored, in this case, Justin Bieber?

I wondered if that were just my thinking - that the drums looked a little smaller than the Liv set I got? Anyone notice that about this playset?

Hi Georgia Girl! You are too right there. Sale time ... current price is $34.87 at Walmart.

Hello Marta! I am happy to hear that you can get these dolls. Yes, the clothes and the accessories are nice. The actual doll is less attractive. And he does look shorter than Ken.

Happy New Year, all. In case I do not get a chance tomorrow to say so.

MissSpottyJane said...

Most of my doll shopping is driven by having to find the right cat foods at the right price. It's interesting that they keep pumping out different doll versions of this guy. I want to buy a few for the clothes, but I've never seen them marked down enough.

D7ana said...

Hi Miss Spotty Jane! Any excuse, hmmm? lol.

As long as there is a market for the JB dolls, there will be dolls for him ;-D

Vanessa said...

Walmart is so behind with their dolls these days. I too noticed the closed mouth doll just recently, but it has been at Big Lots for some time now. It was discounted there for $14 and then on sale for $8. My Walmart had the Stardolls that they slapped a red sticker on and placed up front with the clearance items, but since I'm smarter than they give me credit for, I realized that half the items (including the Stardolls) they had up there with red stickers were marked at the regular price. By the way the LIV drum set was originally the Bratz drum set, so I'm not surprised that it is now the Justin drum set. They probably have lots of those drums sets hanging out, waiting for the next doll to come out who needs a drum set. BTW, Justin Beiber is now part of my teenager group.

D7ana said...

Vanessa, I had a good laugh at your catching naughty Walmart's con game. For shame, marking those new Stardolls as clearance when the prices are the REGULAR ones. I recently saw some like that - red/white labelled. Thought, time for me to head to Toys R Us, lol.

BTW, thanks for the tip about the drums. I thought they resembled the ones I got last year - the Liv set. Good eye, Kim. The Bratz drums were smaller scaled than say the Barbie Jam and Glam set are.

My guess - and I so hope it does NOT play out like this - is that with some Toys R Us stores no longer in business, Walmart might reduce their toy stock and they might not replenish their toy stock as quickly because they no longer have that rival.