Monday, August 10, 2009

Second Target Visit - New Target in Cheltenham

This time, I visited the "new" Target near the Cheltenham and Ogontz Avenues intersection. (Note: it's located behind the Shop Rite Supermarket, if you face the market and then walk or drive to the left. It's almost hidden away.)

Target had LOTS of the BFC Ink. Calista's and those cute Moxie Girls. Nice selection of Barbies, too. The H2O dolls with their molded on bras. Some Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Wizards of Waverly Place dolls. A few Only Hearts Club dolls but no Kayla Rae doll.

I would almost not mention this, but I noticed there were a LOT of Black dolls available. I thought: well, I guess I can figure out who this Target expects to visit. Interesting, how stores select merchandise to fit their expected clients. Good, I am NOT complaining, but it made me think, you *get* who the target (ouch, bad pun intended) is for this store.

The official address for this new Target is

2450 Shoppers Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19150
(267) 628-3280