Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Girl's Mission Mai at 3

Manufacturer: Aoshima/Skynet
Series: Girl's Mission
Character Name: No. 4 Mai
Box Year, if Noted: Alas, I did not note the year

Why is Mai on the Top Ten list?

Oh me, oh Mai! This teen wonder nearly made number one on the Top 10 List. Cute, solemn, intelligent face. Slightly heavier build. Can she pose? Can I write my name? (Yes to both.) I had considered buying the Aoshima/Skynet Girl's Mission dolls for years before finding Mai on sale at HobbyLink Japan. I wrestled my credit card away from the Barbie-Momoko-Fashion Royalty factions to make the purchase. Am I glad that I did? Yes, I am.

Sometimes, you have an instant connection with a doll or action figure. He or she or it talks to you. I looked at Mai, and her story unfolded. She's the younger sister of Ladies' Mission Street Nun Kyoko Tenryu. Since her parents are dead and her sister is a sister (I love puns), Mai lives at the East Philadelphia Orphanage. She has a pet rat, Willow. More to unfurl in future posts.

Why is Mai third on the Top Ten list?

Mai is one of the best poseable dolls I have: 18 points of articulation. Yes, she could have had smaller hands. Yes, she could have had tighter ankles. Yes, she could have had less frizzy hair. Of those three "problems," the big hands bother me the most. Otherwise, Mai would have topped the List.

Mai is still available at Nouveau Toys for $89.95 BEFORE postage.

Other doll and action figure collectors participating in the Top 10 of 2009 are

Smidge Girl

and the Top 10 blogger who issued this online challenge, Shaun.

This is my last post of 2009. Happy New Year to All.

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Olga Tañón at 4

Manufacturer: Haschel Toys
Series: Not applicable
Character Name: Olga Tañón
Box Year, if Noted: 2000

Why is Olga Tañón on the Top Ten list?

Her face. Okay, the doll is not traditionally pretty. Her nose is long; her mouth is wide. But just as Kajol stands out on a shelf, so, too, does Olga. I would say that none of my other dolls look like her, but one does: Mattel's Kate Jackson doll from the late 1970s. Shrug. Still, Olga provides ethnic variation. And she looks snarky-smart.

Why is Olga fourth on the List?

Limited articulation. She trumps Kajol a point because Olga's knees do bend, but otherwise, think standard Barbie twist and turn body. Since her torso is a little wider than Barbie's torso, Olga cannot wear many of the modern Barbie fashions. (The outfits do not completely close.) She may have to borrow Candi and Janay fashions. Or I might get unlazy enough to make her some outfits.

I bought Olga from Beautiful Dolls where she is available for $29.99.

Information about the human Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón can be found on her website or on her Wikipedia page.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Kajol at 5

Manufacturer: Spin Master Ltd.
Series: Bollywood Legends
Character Name: Kajol
Box Year, if Noted: 2006

Why is Kajol on the Top Ten List?

One, she is gorgeous. Two, she's an ethnic doll who looks ethnic. Three, in her leaf green and gold outfit with her long gold scarf, she stands out on any shelf. Yes, the Priyanka Chopra doll is lovely, too. But Kajol packs a bonus with her tooth-baring smile. Where Priyanka seems smug and aloof, Kajol seems warm and welcoming. If Tiara Gold is the "Sunshine Girl," Kajol is la femme dorée, "The Golden Woman." Here's another photo to confirm that subjective statement.

Why is Kajol the fifth doll on the List?

One, limited pose-ability. Two, excessively tiny feet. She has the same body as Priyanka Chopra. Three, the gold dust on her clothes sheds. Most of all, the limited pose-ability places Kajol in the middle of the List. Straight arms and straight legs translate to toy soldier stiffness. A doll this lovely cries for articulation, but she has little in that vein. And she will be a tricky doll to match if I should decide to re-body her onto a more pose-able body. All but one of the dolls ranked higher than Kajol have more articulation.

Kajol, like the other Bollywood Legend dolls, came from Fairy Dust Dolls Ltd. through Postage to the United States from the United Kingdom was costly, but that was the only way that I knew to get these dolls. If anyone knows of a U.S. source for these dolls, please send that information in a comment.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Tiara Gold at 6

Manufacturer: Mattel
Series: High School Musical III
Character Name: Tiara Gold
Box Year, if Noted: 200? - I threw out the box; will check in stores

Why is Tiara on the Top Ten List?

Note: Tiara is only available with Sharpay Evans in a double doll set.

Here is a variation on my usual answer that the doll or action figure is good looking. I mean the Tiara doll is pretty. But she made the Top Ten DAFs of 2009 List because she has one of the brightest smiles of all the dolls I have bought this year. I consider her my "Sunshine Girl."

Having collected Barbies and other fashion dolls and action figures, I have many teeth-exposed smiles/grins and many blonds. (That's why I become delighted when I find a like-able doll who is not blond. Sigh.) Not one of them though, seemed as effervescent and lit as Tiara. There is something in her smile that pulls her out of the ordinary.

Why is Tiara sixth on the Top Ten List?

Mostly, Tiara is at the sixth spot because five other dolls had a little something more to offer than she did. To a lesser degree, her arm positioning is stuck in welcome mode if lifted up or as coy-maidenly if set down. That quirky feature doesn't completely detract from her charm, but it keeps her in the bottom of the Top Ten DAFs List.

Tiara Gold can be found at Walmarts or at discount stores like Ross. I bought mine for about $7.00 at a Ross store. You might also find her elsewhere, but Walmarts and Ross were the last places I saw her. I've seen the Tiara-Sharpay set described as "rare" in a recent search, but I have seen several at Walmarts and at Ross.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Power Team Combat Engineer at 7

Manufacturer: M & C Toys
Series: Power Team Elite
Character Name: Combat Engineer (actually, his job title)
Box Year, if Noted: No Date

Why is Power Team Combat Engineer on the Top Ten List?

Another easy reply: he is a good looking guy. Good looking AND intelligent-looking. Piercing black eyes. Serious mien. Furrowed eyebrows - see the vertical lines between his eyebrows. Furrowed they are. This guy does a lot of thinking. Or so I imagine, LOL. Look at his beautiful high cheekbones and the refined flare of his nostrils. Sigh. And the slightly dry lips - note the textured lip surface. M & C Toys knows how to sculpt a dreamy male head.

Granted his body is not quite as gorgeous as his face. The arm muscles look as though they were drawn by a heavy handed artist. Alas, he has glove hands - no bare hands but permanently gloved hands. Guess they did not want him to lose the gloves, given his drilling work, etc. The Combat Engineer has a sturdy build and weight. He can be posed; he can stand alone.

Why is Power Team Combat Engineer seventh on the Top Ten List?

Spots seven and eight could have gone to either Hrithik or to the Engineer. However, the Engineer had the edge and the higher rank because his body is sturdier, he's got those high cheekbones, and his clothes and accessories are better than Hrithik's. In spite of his having a longer and bigger head, the Engineer wins.

Once upon a time, you could find M & C Power Team action figures at K B Toys stores. Sigh. Now you can check Big Lots! stores, eBay, and other collectors for Power Team figures.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Kwanzaa from Keeya and Deidre

Keeya (left, curly haired) and Deidre (right, straight haired) are the only Kwanzaa Kelly friends that I know. Does anyone know if additional Kwanzaa Kellys or Kelly friends exist?

G.I. Joe Heads and Kilt Pattern Online

The universe must have decided I've been neglecting my action figures: while seeking old print outs for Integrity Janay dolls for Dolls of Color, I came across two articles I had printed about G.I. Joe. Checked to see if the web sites were still there; they were. So, I have to share them with any new Joe fans OR old Joe fans who had seen them but lost the link.

Joe Heads

First, if you want to read interesting articles about G.I. Joe, MasterCollector is a site you need to see. The Hasbro Heads article only dips your foot into the quicksand of Joe's World. Tread carefully because these articles are like Lay's potato chips: you can't read just one. Reading leads to awareness of new playscale guys.

The extremely sales resistant OR utterly broke may dare investigate G.I. Joe Club. Warning, you will find dolls um action figures like the Man of Asia or the G.I. Joe 2009 Club exclusive action figure, a reproduction of the Black Talking Commander who wears the cutest Adventure Team logoed boxers imaginable. Squeal. Oops ... sorry, Joe fans. I recognize that "cute" is NOT a suitable adjective for this worthy figure. Ahem.

Joe Kilt Pattern

Anyone sewing? How about a classic Scottish kilt for your 12" Joes? R. Scott Roger's MacJoe site provides a pattern and instructions on how your Joe can wear his kilt. Notice the omission of the word, "cute." I am trying.

Happy viewing and happy sewing!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What's That about Barbie's Sales?

Behold the Barbie aisle in the South Philadelphia Target. Hallo! Where are the Barbies?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Hrithik at 8

Manufacturer: Spin Master Ltd.
Series: Bollywood Legends
Character Name: Hrithik Roshan
Box Year, if Noted: 2006

Why is Hrithik Roshan on the Top Ten List?

This won't be difficult: Hrithik Roshan is on the Top Ten List because he is a good looking action figure. Oops, did I write action figure? I did. Hrithik is poseable therefore he is an action figure. Or is he a poseable doll? He did come with an extra outfit as shown in the photo above. The doll or action figure discussion can wait for another post .... You can see boxed Hrithik and Hrithik in his original clothes here.

Why is Hrithik eighth on the Top Ten List?

He's cute, poseable, AND an ethnic male. Attractive ethnic males are hard to find [at this scale] LOL. However, he's a little frail. I can pose him, but I do so carefully. My Hot Toys and Power Team guys have more substance to their bodies. Hrithik doesn't have odd proportion problems. His two outfits scream cheap: the gauzy shirt is the worst, but as long as I am happy with the figure, the clothes can be given away or sold. With Esther and Priyanka, I had definite "problems" with their doll bodies. With Hrithik, it's more that other dolls and action figures outranked him points-wise than that he has serious detractions.

I bought my Bollywood Legend dolls from Fairy Dust Dolls Ltd. through Postage to the United States from the United Kingdom was costly, but that was the only way that I knew to get these dolls. If anyone knows of a closer to the U.S. source for these dolls, please send that information in a comment.

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Priyanka at 9

Manufacturer: Spin Master Ltd.
Series: Bollywood Legends
Character Name: Priyanka Chopra
Box Year, if Noted: 2006

Why is Priyanka Chopra on the Top Ten List?

Priyanka has not only a pretty face, but a pretty ethnic face. She has a discernible nose, wide mouth, and full lips. Her eyebrows are heavier than usual; her face is broader than usual. Notice her warm complexion and red streaked black hair. Bye bye Steffie and Teresa faces for this Indian doll. Long live la difference!

Also, check the beautiful red scarf and the navy velvety bodice and the vivid red full skirt. I love this colorful outfit. The earrings and bracelets add to the festive air of her outfit. She should dance. I expect the extras from a Bollywood movie to spring from the shelves and to gyrate around her. Music and pagentry wherever she roams.

Why is Priyanka the ninth doll on the List?

Proportions again. Her head is a little large. Surprisingly, her feet are smaller than the current high-heeled Barbie's feet. Her feet are the same size as the Smartees dolls' feet: tiny. Then her limited articulation keeps Priyanka on the lower end of this List. Her knees do NOT bend. Her arms can move up and down from her shoulders, but the inability to bend her knees disappoints me. Straight-legged dolls are tricky to pose seated.

Also, the glitter on the outfit sheds easily. The left earring breaking off, I'll excuse as my clumsiness.

I bought my Bollywood Legend dolls from Fairy Dust Dolls Ltd. through Postage to the United States from the United Kingdom was costly, but that was the only way that I knew to get these dolls. If anyone knows of a closer to the U.S. source for these dolls, please send that information in a comment.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Esther at 10

Manufacturer: One2Believe
Series: Tales of Glory
Character Name: Talking Esther Messenger of Faith
Box Year, if Noted: 2007

Why is Esther on the Top Ten list?

Esther has a strong face. More handsome than pretty. Her face stands out among my other dolls because most of them are pretty or beautiful. Perhaps Esther is a little androgynous? Yes, only where androgyny in playscale figures usually shows as feminine males (the Takara Jenny boyfriends), Esther appears masculine female due to her straightforward gaze, strong nose, and firm chin.

If you press Esther's midsection, she "talks" about her life as a wise, beautiful, and brave woman who helps her people. (Note: she isn't immodest about her assets: "People say that I am as wise and as brave as I am beautiful." "People" say that about her. "Hmmm," I think.) I have accidentally set off her speech when moving her. Interesting that she is one talking doll who actually talks.

Why is Esther the tenth doll on the List?

Proportion. Esther's head is large, and her calves seem short to someone [me] accustomed to fashion doll proportions.

You can find Talking Esther Messenger of Faith at for $19.99 at this time. Do check to see if you can find her on sale elsewhere though: I bought mine for half that price from before they went out of business. Other sellers might sell this doll series for less.

I would be happy to read any comments or to answer any questions about Esther that I can.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

East Philadelphians Contemplate the Snow

Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force Creanna and a M & C Power Team action figure and Mattel Legolas Ken contemplate the 2009 snow storm. Creanna's outfit is all original to her; the Power Team gentleman has borrowed Jakks Pacific Van Helsing's maroon "leather coat." Oh and Legolas Ken borrowed the long black "leather" coat that once belonged to Angel and an action figure accessory knit cap. He strikes a very fine pose.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Target Findings - More Barbie Photos

Leftover photos and brief comments:

A new princess wears gladiator sandals ... cool!

Jungle gym for the little ones ... cute.

Interesting ... the Pre-School Teacher uses the Asha head mold. For fans of the Asha head mold, that means a new doll.

Am I alone in this thought? This pink and white candy striper uniform for Barbie is cute, but it is made of vinyl. Do candy stripers really wear vinyl uniforms? Sounds hot as in suffocating, LOL.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Response From Toys R Us ... No We Can't

I sent a query to the Toys R Us Customer Service at about permission to scan a 1987 Toys R Us newspaper supplement and post that scan at my blog. I received a prompt and courteous response that no, they could not provide permission at this time. I don't think that they mean for me to re-send my query after the December holidays LOL.

So I will not scan any Toys R Us supplements here. I can respect their refusal without understanding why they say "no." It's their property.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Red-haired Male - Defa Lucy's Happy Family Father

Usually, I see this type of doll, avert my face, and shudder. Cheap. Cheesy. Ick.

But I saw this set in a Forman Mills' discount shop and thought, wow! This guy has RED hair and a character face. Think bouncing red ball excitement. And he's an ethnic redhead. Add fluttering hands and oooooohhhhhhs. In my head is where this action occurs ... don't want to get tossed out of a store for acting odd. Sigh. Externally think great, giddy grin and impatient hops while walking.

On the back of the box, there is a photo of the Caucasian Happy Family in the Defa Lucy series. He's redheaded, too. And these guys are jointed.

Forman Mills had other Defa Lucy sets. I've also seen this series at A.J. Wright stores. They are Barbie clones. Very good Barbie likeness, but otherwise, on the cheaper end of Barbie clones. And they come with interesting accessories and even more interesting copy on the boxes. Lucy's male companion in one set is described as her "lover." Eyes sparkle and deep grin spreads ... imagine those Walmart mommies with their fuss about married Midge being pregnant and NOT having her husband Alan in the same box! Evil cackle escapes me. It's just that easy to fall in love with a new series.

Defa Lucy is produced by Guangzhou Lebay Children Articles Co., LTD.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009 (Steps Four-Six)

  • 10 - One2Believe Tales of Glory Esther
  • 9 - Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Priyanka Chopra
  • 8 - Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Hrithik Roshan
  • 7 - M & C Toy Centre World Peacekeepers Combat Engineer Power Team Elite
  • 6 - Mattel High School Musical 3 In the Spotlight Tiara Gold
  • 5 - Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Kajol
  • 4 - Haschel Toys Olga Tanon
  • 3 - Aoshima/Skynet Girl's Mission No. 4 Mai
  • 2 - Integrity Fashion Royalty Bewitching Hour Luchia
  • 1 - Integrity Dynamite Girls Heartbreaker T.J.



Happy Hanukkah

from Noah, Moses, Esther (shown) and the citizens of the East Philly Doll and Action Figure Zone.

Oh, and from me, too ;-D . I'm too big to fit in the photo though.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In Toys R Us Today - Photos of New DAFs

Stopped by a Toys R Us just to see what they had. No intention or ability to buy. Fortunately, I had my dear pink camera. Snap! Snap!

Do you see what I see?

Wow. First time I have seen all three African American Barbie Basic dolls at the same time. And lucked out being able to photograph them. Whooo hooo!

Babysitter Barbie and Kelly ... in a Kelly-sized bathroom?

Okay, I only babysat my younger siblings, but is this the true scene for modern babysitters? A bathroom? I'd have thought a living room/parlour/family room with an overstuffed couch before a color television. Or babysitter curled up in a chair with a book. The kid could be sleeping on the babysitter's lap or better still, child asleep in her [own] bed. Or babysitter standing in front of an open and lit refrigerator, filled with edible goodies. Note: guess that means I wrote myself out of any babysitting jobs. Shrug. Eh well, I don't have the energy to fight off the requisite murderous villain stalking the babysitter. Sigh.

Playmates Star Trek McCoy and Sulu from the 2009 movie:

I got a better photograph of the John Cho Sulu. Remember, he's a Toys R Us exclusive.

New from MGA Entertainment: More 2 Me Avery and Lexa.

No Sophinas in store when I was there, but she is shown on the back of the box. No Sashas in this wave per the box back. I feel a little sad when I look at this line. MGA Entertainment used to have a Sasha with every Bratz wave. It almost seems as though Sasha has to pay for Mattel seizing the Bratz line. Eh, but that's not really it. It's the numbers. African Americans are no longer the largest minority in the United States.

I also saw a Fashionista Ken - yay! Love his Michael Jackson hat. Poseable Ken! Tears welled in my eyes. Oh Mattel, allowing Ken 100 poses, too! If I had a hat on, I would remove it. Breakdancing Ken. Will the oxymorons never cease? Will I ever get work again? Isn't it time I ended this post?

Step Three: More Than 10? Review Again

Two removed from the list. Now, who do I really, really, really like? In this second elimination, I separate dolls and action figures (DAFs) that I like from DAFs I love. A List versus B List. Like B list actors, B list DAFs are keepers. They just lack that je ne sais quoi that the A list or Top 10 DAFs have. Meet the B List DAFs new in 2009:

  • M & C Toy Centre World Peacekeepers E.O.D. Technician Power Team Elite
  • Mattel Ballerina Barbie
  • Mattel SiS So in Style Kara
  • Mattel SiS So in Style Kianna
  • Mattel Beach Party Nikki
  • Mattel High School Musical 3 Graduation Day Ryan
  • Mattel High School Musical 3 In the Spotlight Sharpay Evans
  • Play Along Ltd. Cheetah Girls Growl Power Dorinda
  • Revell GmbH& Co. KG Kick-O-Mania Hamburger SV Benjamin Lauth

The World Peacekeepers E.O.D. Technician is cute. But although he is an older man - and not as well represented in the DAF world as might be expected, he misses falling into the Top 10 list because he is not that exciting.

Ballerina Barbie, SiS Kara, Nikki, and Sharpay are pretty dolls. But that's the most I can say about them. I like them in my collection, but nothing stands out about them. Kianna works the cute factor - who can bypass curly pigtails - but she looks like the other SiS little sisters. Graduation Day Ryan has the kilt working in his favor. Oh and the soft curled, rooted hair. Move past the hair and the kilt though and where's the draw? Yawn. Stretch.

I like the Cheetah Girls Dorinda ... she looks like a character more than some dolls who look doll, but she just misses the wow factor. Sigh. I like Benjamin Lauth, another character, but articulation-wise, he's on the stiff side. For an action figure. I like that he isn't as pretty/handsome as my Kens, but again, no wow factor.

So where am I now? Who are the remaining 10 by manufacturer?

  1. Aoshima/Skynet Girl's Mission No. 4 Mai
  2. Haschel Toys Olga Tanon
  3. Integrity Dynamite Girls Heartbreaker T.J.
  4. Integrity Fashion Royalty Bewitching Hour Luchia
  5. M & C Toy Centre World Peacekeepers Combat Engineer Power Team Elite
  6. Mattel High School Musical 3 In the Spotlight Tiara Gold
  7. One2Believe Tales of Glory Esther
  8. Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Hrithik Roshan
  9. Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Kajol
  10. Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Priyanka Chopra

Next step will be to rank them. Now that will be fun ... groan. Not.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Step One: List of DAFs Received in 2009 to Date

Manufacturer and Doll or Action Figure (DAF) Name

  1. Aoshima/Skynet Girl's Mission No. 4 Mai
  2. Haschel Toys Olga Tanon
  3. Integrity Dynamite Girls Heartbreaker T.J.
  4. Integrity Fashion Royalty Bewitching Hour Luchia
  5. M & C Toy Centre World Peacekeepers Combat Engineer Power Team Elite
  6. M & C Toy Centre World Peacekeepers E.O.D. Technician Power Team Elite
  7. Mattel Ballerina Barbie
  8. Mattel SiS So in Style Kara
  9. Mattel SiS So in Style Kianna
  10. Mattel My Scene Lindsey Lohan
  11. Mattel Beach Party Nikki
  12. Mattel High School Musical 3 Graduation Day Ryan
  13. Mattel High School Musical 3 In the Spotlight Sharpay Evans
  14. Mattel High School Musical 3 In the Spotlight Tiara Gold
  15. One2Believe Tales of Glory Esther
  16. One2Believe Tales of Glory Noah
  17. Play Along Ltd. Cheetah Girls Growl Power Dorinda
  18. Revell GmbH& Co. KG Kick-O-Mania Hamburger SV Benjamin Lauth
  19. Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Hrithik Roshan
  20. Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Kajol
  21. Spinmaster Bollywood Legends Priyanka Chopra

These are the DAFs I have received for 2009 to this date. Please note: any other DAFs received but NOT shown here are gifts to be given to me at Christmas. Those DAFs are not in my possession yet.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Preparing for a Top 10 DAFs of 2009 Post

Shaun Wong issued an invitation to collectors to submit a Top 10 list of favorite dolls and or action figures received in 2009. The challenge has been accepted by Corsetkitten among other collectors.

I've decided to post about my Top 10 Dolls and Action Figures (DAFs). Now while I hope that I have not yet exhausted my purchases for this year, for this article, I am going to draft a post based on what I have now. If I need to amend the list, I'll do so. But for now, here are the steps that I am taking to produce my Top 10 list.

1. List the DAFs bought in 2009
2. Note the DAFs I most enjoy having from that list
3. If more than 10, go through that list a second time. Do any have back stories?
4. Determine the Top 10 by liking, back story, and times handled
5. Rank the DAFs from 10-1
6. Photograph the Top 10 in one photo
7. Photograph each of the 10 individually
8. Provide the DAF name, series if any, and where available if available still
9. Discuss why/how each gained DAF that position
10. Type and proof choice responses then upload to my blog

These are the steps I imagine taking to produce my Top 10 list.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Five Hot Toys Gentleman Plus a Majestic Studios Guest

I realized that I did not have any photos of my Hot Toys guys together. There are only five of them, but I thought, it would be pleasing to see them in one photograph. Usually, I have them with other figures. Today, I brought them together for a "family" shot and then added a figure from Majestic Studios. Can you guess the outsider?

The outsider stands out easily for me, but then I know his origins. But even if I didn't know his action figure pedigree, I could guess by his facial screening. Different companies have different face rendering. As I collect, I have learned the style of different companies so if I see a doll or action figure on a shelf, I can usually guess the manufacturer. I wouldn't confuse a Fashion Royalty doll with a Mattel doll or a YNU Group Mixis with a Get Set Club doll or a Susie with a Momoko.

Action figures, though, can be trickier. Bbi and Dragon figures are trickiest for me to distinguish. Hasbro Joes and Power Team guys though are easier.

Okay, I confess: I just wanted to photograph some HOT Hot Toys LOL.

Reminder: Mixis Sunshine Dolls $29.99; Outfits $15.00

Great news for Mixis fans who want to complete their Sunshine Doll set OR their Inspired Clothing collection: the sale at the Mixis web site AND at Dolls Like Me* continues.

The Sunshine Dolls - Emerald, Houda, Opal, and Rosa - cost $29.99 each while the Inspired Clothing outfits costs $15 each. The sale lasts til the year's end or the supply runs out. Note: the Dolls Like Me website shows Rosa and Houda and the eight outfits; Emerald and Opal are not up on that website. So to receive those two dolls at the sale price, you will need to place your order through the Mixis web site directly.

If you order through the Mixis website, please remember when you reach the Mixis store splash page, that you need to click on the Promo Login choice and then to enter the promo code 'mixisrock' to reach the sales page. Otherwise, you will see the Mixis items at the regular price of $49.00 for the Sunshine dolls and the outfits from $17-25 each.

For me, the Mixis are the dolls I would have asked for when I was a child, were I able to imagine them at that time. The Mixis just lack the twist waist that was introduced in my childhood dolls. The Mixis dolls have attractive, ethnic faces with NOSES that have bridges, fuller lips, and normal-sized feet. Feet they can STAND on, depending on the shoes. They have a more natural, wholesome build - so they promote a more realistic weight than most Barbies and most Barbie clones. Even overlooking their decent quality clothes and their fine, fine, fine footwear and handbags and backpacks, these dolls would bring instant class and coolness to any doll and action figure collection.

For photos of the Mixis undressed and compared to other larger dolls, check this link and this link from previous posts.

So happy hunting! May you get the Mixis or Mixis plural of your choice.

*Note: I bought my first Mixis dolls from Dolls Like Me at an Expo; I had no problem. However, there have been complaints about customer service and problems receiving items from this vendor so you might want to make your purchase in person, if possible. A collector has shared her negative experience in the comments section here, and I have read about problems with employee theft at Dolls Like Me on a Yahoo Group.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kari Mitchell by M & C Toy Centre

Usually when I refer to M & C Toy Centre products, I discuss the PowerTeam action figures. However, M & C Toy Centre also produces fashion doll lines like Paula, a Kelly-doll clone, and Kari Mitchell, a Barbie clone.

Collector MSJ has photos of a new M & C Toy Centre doll shown here. Her post reminded me that I had seen some new Kari Mitchell clothes set - shown below - recently at Big Lots. The doll included in the clothing set has been seen in older sets, but the clothes and the accessories are new.

Additional information about Kari Mitchell dolls can be read at this John Medeiros article for Master Collector Online. More current information can be found at the Power Team Yahoo Group.

P.S. Sometimes this series is spelled "Kari Mitchell" and other times, "Kari Michell."

Graphic Novel About 1:6 Scale Vampires

Want more vampire stories? What about a modern vampire series that has humor AND pathos? There's a new graphic novel that covers that bill.

Men With Dolls regulars will need no introduction to Elizabeth Allen's Love Has Fangs photo stories, but for other doll and action figure collectors, here is the back story. You can view the series online, but the graphic novel has these scenes recast with doll and action figure actors. Whooo hooo!

You can buy the graphic novel from Lulu.

Fun reading for the YOUNG ADULT and the ADULT doll and action figure collector. Note: I mention young adult and adult because Love Has Fangs, like Roville in recent years, has adult themes.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

MGA Entertainment Dolls at Walmart

Additional Walmart finds include MGA Entertainment Bratz and a new wave of Moxie Girlz:

Basic Bratz

Smart Lexa

I don't follow the Bratz dolls, but I thought that the boxes looked different. The Moxie Girlz Lexa with the "I am ... smart" banner on her box also seemed like a new wave. I didn't see either of the other two standard Moxie Girlz or the Special Guest Star Sasha Moxie Girlz. Shrug.

Spanish Ken Blog! New 12 Inch Guys!

Universoplástico is a Spanish language blog maintained by a Venezuelan Ken collector.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yes, There is a [Black] Nikki Candy Glam at Walmart!

I was seeking the Barbie Basics at a Walmart on Roosevelt Boulevard when I saw a Black Candy Glam doll. Hmmm ... something odd here. Click. Charles. Dollstuff dot net. Aha!

As Charles wrote, there was NO Black doll in the original Barbie Candy Glam series. The four regular Candy Glam dolls each represent a different candy flavor and that candy's "smell" and "look." There was Cotton Candy Barbie, Rock Candy Raquelle, Lemon Lime Teresa, and Cherry Vanilla Summer; there were no Black or Asian dolls in that series. So seeing this lone Candy Glam Nikki in Walmarts for $5.00, I knew she had to come home with me. Sure, I have Asha-faced dolls erupting from nearly every flat surface - well, maybe not just Asha-faced dolls - but this one wanted to be with my sixth scale crew. Why?

  1. She has a normal-sized head. Instant points.

  2. She's clearly a last-minute doll because she has the same dress/candy theme as Barbie; the other Candy Glam dolls have unique outfits/different candy themes. What, Nikki doesn't rate her own candy? Tsk.

  3. I walked away and looked at other things then came back, and she was still there. Waiting for me. The nail in the coffin, I thought.

So, of course, I had to take her home.

Cyber Monday Bust but Visitors Up!

My first Cyber Monday Sale fell flat. Pfft. No takers.

But because I "advertised" on various doll boards, my visitor count was higher than it has been. Over 140 page views! I haven't been that high in some time. Guess that means I need to "advertise" more often LOL. Remind people that I am here and provide interesting content. And good photos.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Additional FS: Mod Dolls, Janay, Clothes, and Accessories

Here are some more things to look at or to buy if interested:

Stylin' Zone Janay with white & red straight hair and green eyes, $20

TNT Barbie, Straight leg Midge, TNT Francie, and TNT Twiggy, $60

Mod fashions, $25

Plastic backpacks, handbags, and clutches - over 30 items, $5

Remember: no returns - please ask any and all questions before you order. Postage NOT included with these prices.

CyberMonday Specials - Today Only

Okay, here's my first CyberMonday Sale.

1. See photos of For Sale dolls and action figures in my DAF folder

2. Today Only and for Blog Viewers only, these prices on these dolls and figures:

MIB Highland Fling Barbie $25
NRFB For Sale My Scene Shopping Spree Delancey Target $10
NRFB Japanese Exclusive Schoolgirl Reina $22.00

NRFB Maxie's Friend Kristen for $30

NRFB Nine to Five Momoko $60.00

Note: for these sale price, no returns and PayPal payment due today (after checking on postage). Please note CyberMonday Sale in any e-mail query sent to d7cooper @ .

Thanks for looking. Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday

Wikipedia defines Cyber Monday as the first Monday after Black Friday. Whether you believe that employees return to work after a long weekend and log in to their work computers to shop online, you might find the phrase-affiliated site, CyberMonday useful. I have not shopped there before, but if anyone reading this post decides to try it, please write here to let me know about it.

Happy Buying, All!

And to All, Great Buys!

Target Barbie Holiday Exclusive(s) 2009

I first read about the Target Exclusive Happy Holidays Barbie at Charles' Doll Diary. Cute doll and cute holiday accessories like a Barbie-sized Christmas stocking to match any doll ornaments you might get. Charles' photo showed a doll in a red-white dress. So when I checked the doll remainders yesterday (the Black Friday leavings) and saw a pink-white dressed doll as well, I thought, photograph the pair.

Does anyone know if there are other variations on this doll? And are there ever any ethnic Target Holiday dolls? Curious, I am. There are ethnic Halloween Kellys so .... Eh well.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mattel Barbie Basics Seen in Philly Today!

Yippee! Saw the Mattel Barbie Basics in Toys R Us today!

Models 005 Lea, 007 Gia, 010 Christie, and 011 Teresa impressed me, but my favorite of all was 012 Shannon. If I could only get ONE doll in this series, that would be the one. It's not that the others I mentioned lacked anything as much as it was that I only have one other doll with the Shannon mold - the 2005 Fashion Fever Shannon wearing blue metallic pants. But this new Barbie Basic Shannon has more realistic eyes and stunning honey brown hair and complexion. While beautiful, I could point to similar dolls I already own to match the others - except Gia. And while the Barbie Basics Gia is gorgeous, I could pass on her. Couldn't I?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Because I Do Collect Other Dolls and Action Figures ....

Lately, my posts have been Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. Mattel, Mattel, Mattel,

Yes, half my collection is by Mattel. Roughly. But that doesn't mean that they need to have the lion's share of my posts. So I present this fashion doll by Jakks Pacific, Taylor Swift, modeled after the young country music singer.

And no, I do not follow Ms. Swift's music any more than I did the Cheetah Girls. I just saw a new doll series. And the outfit and guitar looked cute. And she was on sale last year ....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy 90th - 6 ABC - IKEA Thanksgiving Day Parade

Poor Kerstie lost her shoe! She was to be on a float representing the denizens of East Philly in this mornings Thanksgiving Day Parade. Click "Thanksgiving" for highlights on the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Thanks for following my blog and for submitting inspiring, insightful, and fun comments.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Which Rebelde Doll to Buy? Schoolgirl or Concert?

Mattel issued two versions of the Rebelde or RBD female dolls: the schoolgirl one and the concert one. Is there a difference between the two? Yes, Virginia, there is.

The Schoolgirl RBD dolls are on the shortened "Hobbit" body while the Concert RBD dolls are on normal-Barbie bodies. Yay Concert dolls!

However, the hair styles on the Roberta Schoolgirl and the Roberta Concert dolls differ. I think the Schoolgirl doll has a prettier face - she has a right side part. The Concert doll has short bangs. Guess who's going to play Frankenstein and swap heads? Ah, you know me well LOL.

Here are the photos for comparison: