Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spanish Ken Blog! New 12 Inch Guys!

Universoplástico is a Spanish language blog maintained by a Venezuelan Ken collector.

Whether you know Spanish or want to learn it, you can enjoy the Ken and the other male fashion doll photos like Ricky Martin clones, etc. by viewing this blog. (As if we need to see more desirable dolls?) If you don't know Spanish, you can use a translating service like Google Translate or Yahoo Babel Fish.

¡qué lo paséis bien!


Chelle said...

Another blog to get addicted to. LOL! It helps that I am trying to learn spanish too, so what better way to learn than by reading something you are interested in. LOL!

D7ana said...

Sigh, yes, Chelle, another blog to get addicted to ;-D

On the other hand, Spanish understanding would be a plus, both workwise and personally.

Niel Camhalla said...

the photos alone should make me follow it. he take pictures even of the packaging. very informative.

D7ana said...

I like to see the packaging, too, Niel. Sometimes the packaging can make the difference between getting a doll or not. If the doll resembles other dolls I own already, I mean ;-)