Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fashion Royalty Luchia Z Arrives!

W Club Bewitching Hour Luchia Z has arrived.

She's every bit as lovely as described by other collectors. Jason Wu and the Integrity staff have done a wonderful job. She has a French manicure - where the tips of the nails, both fingernails and toenails, have white tips and "sheer" polish. Her lipstick is the faintest pink bisque, and her eyes have real lashes. Her black trench coat and the black corset belt ... wow. The mini dress is like dusty pink champagne.

Deboxing Hrithik Roshan (SpinMaster)

Last night, I was removing Hrithik Roshan from his box when I discovered that his head was stapled to the cardboard backing of his plastic box. Ellen Smith - formerly Grandma Walton - discovered him face down and helped detach him.

Grandma's new outfit is from the Only Hearts Horse & Pony outfit line.

U.S. Source for Girl's Mission and Lady's Mission

If you do not want to place an international order, you can find the Girl's Missions figures and some of the Lady's Mission figures at Nouveau Toys. The link to that online store is

I recommend Nouveau Toys because I had placed two orders with them last year. I received prompt and courteous replies to my e-mail queries, well and neatly packaged boxes, items received as expected (NRFB) and items received when expected. Funds permitting, I would order from them again.

My first orders with Nouveau Toys were for Lady's Mission dolls no longer carried by HobbyLink Japan. I ordered the Lady's Mission No.24 described as "Woman doctor(obstetrician)" - Tanaka Miina and Lady's Mission #22 described as a "resistant covert agent" who also works as a nun - Sister Kyoko Tenryu. Please note: Sister Tenryu comes with a standard black and white nun's habit and a black pleather habit that laces up the sides. I then ordered the Lady's Mission #21 Street Princess - Madam Ryu Reika.