Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Fever Barbie's Benetton Friends, 2005-06

I am selling my Mattel Fashion Fever Benetton Teresa so I thought I would submit a photo of her and the other two dolls in this 2005-06 wave of the Fashion Fever dolls. The Fashion Fever dolls were produced from 2004-2008. In the first two years, they kept me and other doll collectors/enthusiasts on frantic runs and searches to find the WANTED doll of the moment. Then Mattel created a new body for the Fashion Fever and other teen dolls, the so-called "hobbit" body. The first doll in the following link has the hobbit body.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Philadelphia Puerto Rican Parade 2011

I did not attend the 49th Philadelphia Puerto Rican Parade this year, but Izzy and Wilson did. Alas, Izzy lost her flags in the excitement. This year's theme was "Our Latino Heritage." For those who did not attend the Parade this year, here are some links from local news stations.



Aside: New York celebrates their Puerto Rican Day Parade on the second Sunday in June. Anyone know why?

P.S. Yes, they are both wearing LimbeDolls sandals.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Updates on OldJoeInfirmary and YoYo

For those who do not read the Comments section - what? that's one of the BEST parts of PhillyCollector - Allenoel provided the NEW Old Joe Infirmary website. Alas, they no longer carry the civilian fashions that they once did. Gone too are the loose nude figures. Sniff. Applying handkerchief to eye corners. I will manage.

Second, Amazon's YoYo is now running. By "running," I mean that it is now an active website. I haven't seen any spectacular sales at YoYo yet, but we can give the website time. Present rating: ho hum.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OldJoeInfirmary on Hiatus and Newcomer YoYo to Come

Alas and alack! Old Joe's Infirmary seems to be on hiatus. Oh shame that I cannot see fashion separates there. Well, I hope that they come back. I got nice clothes and some of my action figures from them.

According to the Gifts and Decorative Accessories website, has a new toy store, That site is not yet up, but you can leave your email address for updates and special offerings.

Some of the comments left on the Gifts and Decorative Accessories website state that online toy sales has cut into brick and mortar toy store sales. Do you think that is true?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Incredibly Cute Target Exclusive

Okay, I do NOT collect any of the Blythe Littlest Pet Shop dolls. Remember. I draw the line at big-headed dolls. Usually. I am not keen on inset eyes either. (Exception, my childhood Chrissy, Kerry, two Mias, and Hasbro Aimee, oh and my baby Pumpkin.) However there is something so incredibly cute about this new Target exclusive Blythe. She's wearing a dress that has the Target design in black and white. Oh and she's possibly the ONLY Blythe Littlest Pet Shop doll I have seen with BLACK hair. Big blue Daisy-like eyes. I don't even *see* the peculiar creatures with her.

Repeating to self: I only took this photo for Niel and others who find these dolls cute. Have NO intention of going back to Target after I get paid and nabbing one for myself. No, no, no. Hard enough to resist the Barbies, the Liv bodies, the Integrity dolls ... but do I see wee little Wellies on her feet? Noooo fair, Target!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th - October 15th

Hola! Today is the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States of America. The cultures and the contributions made to the country by Hispanic Americans will be in the spotlight from now until October 15th. Since I am not aware of any Hispanic fashion doll designers or action figure designers, I will share information about Hispanic dolls and/or action figures in my collection or that I would like in my collection. (If anyone knows any Hispanic toy designers, please share that information. Send a link or links here and I'll add them to a separate post. Thanks in advance - smile.)

These three lovely Hispanic dolls are from the 2002 Fashion Forward line that was produced by Integrity Toys and Jason Wu using Helene Hamilton's Hispanic Candi face mold. Whew. Quite a mouthful, hmm? That's my over-simplified version of this part of Candi doll history.

Note: to see catalog photos of these dolls, please click the last word here.

Fashion Forward 2002 Hispanic Candis

Ultra Chic Candi

On the Go Candi

Sublime Elegance Candi

Ultra Chic Candi's accessories

Pssst ... interested in having a Hispanic Candi of your own? Well, visit My Favorite DollMargaret Matsui has a Holiday Candi Toast on sale for $15.00 USD. The wine red dress with the puffed skirt alone is worth the $15.00 easily. I have the Asian Holiday Candi Toast so I know of what I speak. Gorgeous. And she comes with a bottle of champagne and two long-stemmed glasses ... doll-sized, of course.

Wait, forget I mentioned this doll being on sale. Give me time to get one okay? No, I am joking. I really don't need the dress again OR the doll again. Really. Truly.

Oh, and you might also add one or both of the International Swedish Candis. Might. I'm not twisting anyone's arm. Wink.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Vampire Guy - He's Such a BRAT!

Toys R Us is having a sale. Among the items offered is a Bratz "Masquerade" Boyz. In case any fans of vampire dolls/action figures missed him, I am submitting this post. His name seems to be "Penn Vamp." Black hair - of course, lol - and big pale blue eyes.

Is he on my list? No, he has that big Bratz head.

Happy Viewing!

Introducing Everyday People and A Different Perspective on Collecting

 As a blogger and blog reader, I feel fortunate to have access to what I consider some of the best and the brightest of writers and writer-artisans. Yes, that's YOU. Aw, don't blush. I thank you for reading here and for sharing this hobby with me. I can count on my right hand, the number of people I can talk dolls and action figures to in my offline world. Right hand .... right index finger, lol. But hey, I turn on the computer, plug in the Clear modem, and bam! Kindred spirits galore.

I have added a new blog to my list, Everyday People that I hope you will visit and enjoy. The blogger there offers a different perspective on collecting dolls. To avoid prejudicing the audience in any way, I will not comment further. I have only one comment up so far - I confess, I am a little behind on blog reading as well as blog posting. That is, I read these posts - links provided below - but I have yet to comment on them. I DID get permission BEFORE adding these links.

Here's to yet another interesting, new blogger!

Buying Dolls

Dolls as Distractions

Favorite Barbie Dolls

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Et Tu, Dana? Walmart's Sophie Nabs Another Collector

Okay, yes. I confess. It is another case of collector see, collector do. Collector will get broke, too. Sigh.

I am referring to my finding and buying the Liv It's My Nature Sophie on sale at Walmart. Sophie cost $5.00 before sales tax. Sigh. This Walmart Sophie has landed herself in many collectors' homes. How did she manage to get into my cart and in my house? A geas, I think. Here's how the spell unfolded:

1. I went to Walmart for some groceries. (What, you don't go to Walmarts for groceries? I guess you like paying full price for Jalapeno Pringles and Archway Ginger Snaps. Huff. Okay, I wasn't getting the veggies or the meats part of groceries. Just the FUN part. Besides, Walmarts carries turtle food and the markets don't. Not the kind Fakir and Big Guy - the turtles - like anyway. Turtles have so little to occupy themselves; they deserve to have the ReptoMin sticks they prefer.)

2. I just happened to wander into the Clearance section. (Yes, danger zone for us collectors. But my boots moved me that way. I just walked into the space most damaging to my wallet.)

3. I saw the tiny scissors. I saw the adorable boots. I scanned the box once. Five dollars. I scanned the box again. Still five dollars. I reasoned that it would be a sin to NOT get a poseable doll body, fine silvery scissors, and kicky brown boots for the bargain of five dollars. She was the last Sophie there. All the forces aligned: me, the doll, the sale, and enough money in my wallet to get her. God MEANT for me to have her. Roll of thunder.

So, Sophie entered my cart. She got blipped out along with White Castle hamburgers and 8 mini Mounds candy bars (only a dollar!). I did NOT get the Ghirardelli's 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate for about $4.00. I feel pretty virtuous.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Liv Fashions Worn by Other Dolls

Here are three photos showing Spinmaster's Liv fashions on dolls other than Liv. Most of us have Mattel fashion dolls so Nikki, friend of Teen Skipper, HSM Sharpay, and Flavas Kiyoni Brown model a few of the Liv jacket separates. The Liv sleeves are long for Teen Skippers and HSM Sharpay. Jointed at her elbows, Kiyoni might have been a better match for the black leather jacket or the orange-red jacket, but who could resist that bright turquoise jacket against Kiyoni's rich brown complexion? Not I.

The next two dolls are less commonplace: Who's That Girl Kana and Takara's Mitsuki model Liv jackets, too. Again, the sleeves on the long-sleeved jackets are too long. I probably could have swapped these jackets - had Mitsuki wear the yellow-black herringbone jacket and Kana the gray-pink camo one, but the selected styles suited the dolls better. I'd rather the outfit "fit" the doll's character than that it fit the doll's body. Although it is best when both size and style fit.

Me, I will overlook the over-sized hood. Kana tried to "work it" by stuffing her long hair in that cavity. Kana has a small head anyway. The hood is deep. I don't think that it ruins the outfit.

Here the five teen dolls pose for a group photo

That will "wrap" this post ... but wait, Belinda has an offering. Belinda chose the Liv boy shirt for her photo.

Belinda had to go there. Sigh.

I have some other Liv outfits that I will show on Momokos and other dolls in a future post. These four photos will allow you to see Liv fashions on other dolls. And you can see Liv fashion quality. How do these doll clothes compare with others? Well, these are playline fashions. Liv fashions use velcro and have unfinished hems. I would rate them as better than the current Barbie playline fashions, but no where near the exquisite tailoring in Integrity's Fashion Royalty clothing line. Spinmaster has their pulse on current fashions - as far as I can tell - I have seen the open-toe boot in trendy fashion stores in Philadelphia. These outfits are affordable, trendy, and now part of my doll wardrobe.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Momoko's 10th Anniversary: 2001-2011

Guess who is celebrating her 10th anniversary this year? None other than the inimitable Momoko!
Round applause. Now for us, Momoko-fans, here are some important links.

Petworks blog Go and see new dolls and prototypes, etc.

Momoko on Facebook

Momoko on Twitter

Thanks, Lorraine, for these updates!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Larger Photo of Two Stardolls ... See Link

EW of BlogofStench fame found a larger photo showing two of the Stardolls by Barbie. Oh, I gotta have that brunette. Check that smile. Must have. Must have. Has the larger photo brought any converts to the Stardolls line? Snoopy dancing my way to bed and dreams of dolls to come.

A-Z, A-Z ... Azone Original Dolls

Tired of me going on about Barbie and Ken and Skipper, hmm? Want to see something different? Would some Azone Original Dolls do? Okay, I only have four of them, but they're a cute set. And maybe a little storytelling about the "characters" assigned to those figures a la my fellow collector Niel's recent family post?

Azone International or Azone Green International PTE Ltd. is located in the Republic of Singapore. Azone International sells dolls of various sizes as well as detailed fashion doll clothes and realistic accessories. They distribute Integrity Toys' exclusive FR Nippon line. Most of the Azone fashion dolls have a strong Anime aka cartoony cast to their face sculpts and facial screening. Usually, I am not a big Anime doll fan. Sure, I grew up watching several Japanese cartoons: Astro Boy, Marine Boy, Kimba the White Lion, 8th Man, etc. But I prefer more realistic looking faces and heads in "normal" proportions. My Anime-styled Jenny friends are my least favorite from the Takara line. [Mitsuki and Kisara from Takara's Jenny line do not fall in that category.]

The Azone Original dolls that I have are Loco Island Minako, Jelly Beans Generation Reimy, Sarafan a la Mode Reina, and Tangerine Cat Belinda: Pluses: these are poseable dolls, they have adorable faces, and outfits and footwear with real-life detailing like LimbeDolls footwear. Minuses: Anime faces, biggish heads, tiny feet, and delicate bodies like Momokos. Azone dolls are NOT Tonka truck dolls.

Wait ... that's only THREE dolls - Minako standing, Reimy about to put on her right sneaker, and Reina undecided about what to do with her hands .... where is Belinda?

Ta da, here she is, ducks! Belinda, the one and only Tangerine Cat! Fresh from the Liv Fashions shoot. (More on that later ....)

Tanned Minako and pale Reimy are "sisters." Do you think that their heads and faces seem similar? I did so they became "sisters" to account for that likeness. (Note: Azone did not connect these two dolls as far as I can tell.)

And what do these ladies do? Minako and Belinda are actors - Minako plays romantic comedies while Belinda does period horror flicks. College student Reimy is a photographer. She did not take these photos. Izzy is the - cough - genius behind the camera.

Reimy appears again in this photograph with the ever shy, ever pensive Reina. Reina is a part-time secretary for Reverend Hadley of Sin No More church and the unwed mother of Vampire Tommy. (Vampire Tommy is the little Tommy who wore the vampire costume in a Halloween post, NOT Tawny Tommy who swiped the pizza from the Joes.) Vampire Tommy isn't really a vampire - he has "delicate health," but his deadbeat Dad had called him a vampire so Tommy believes he is one.

For additional information about Asian fashion dolls, please read this Wikipedia entry, Bobagirl Pam's website, or any of the sites included in the International Jenny and Licca Webring. I bought the dolls mentioned here from 2002 -2006 so the secondary market, particularly other doll collectors might be your best bet for finding them at decent prices. Admirers of the anime doll style can find current Azone dolls and accessories online at Hobby Search, HobbyLink Japan, or possibly Azone International themselves.

Aside: I have bought from Hobby Search and HobbyLink Japan so I can vouch for their excellent services. It helped that I ordered the dolls sent by EMS, an express mail service, so I had tracking for my packages. EMS packages get handled by the United States Postal Service once they reach this country. (That was my experience; if anyone else received their overseas package through another shipper, please let us know. I'll pop that answer in a separate post.)

So there we go .... Azone International Original Dolls. Because I do collect other dolls than Barbie ;-D

Monday, September 5, 2011

Update on Stardolls by Barbie - Mattel's New Winner

Okay it's a lazy holiday afternoon, and I'm online - yay, Clear account - when I notice an email message from Robin of Roville. Yes, I do associate with cool DAF people - you know who you are, no finger pointing here, lol. Anyway, she's curious about a potential doll line called "Stardolls by Barbie." Now that's what I think of as a call to action. So I pull up Google to search the terms, Barbie, 2012, and Stardolls. Initial link haul doesn't seem promising, but then I hit the mother lode of tips in a Flickr account. Wahh hoo!

Here we go:

Stardolls, self-described as "the world's largest online fashion and dress up games community for girls," has signed a deal with Mattel to produce a Stardolls by Barbie line. Now I see why Mattel is dropping the Basics - although I still LOVE some of the Basics - these new dolls look promising. Stardolls had done some promoting for other Barbie lines so this new Stardoll-Barbie collaboration is a natural progression.

Dancing, dancing, DANCING - sorry, that's me.

Thanks also to Tru_Fashionista_luv on Flickr, mighty Mattel, and Stardolls!

Come on 2012!

Additional news from Robin and Frannie about the Stardolls. Cheryl's Dolls and Collectibles will be carrying these dolls for $29.95. Thanks, Robin!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Window Shopping Inside Target:

Recently, I did some window shopping at two Target stores. Here are photos of some playscale items I saw and the comments I made to myself:

Oh, the same old, same old: Mattel/Disney reissuing the same dolls. Like this Cinderella and Prince [Eric?] set. What's new? The longer package with nothing to warrant the package length. Cute posing, but the straight-armed stiffness detracts from the fluidity I would imagine as part of the dance pose. Still it is nice that children have access to fairy tales, even if they are bowdlerized Disney versions. (Me, I read the gory Grimms' versions. Toes and heels chopped off for marital profit. What a world?!)

This one surprised me: Miss Dorothy Gale by Mattel. Mackie face on a Model Muse body. The Mackie face, I can take or leave, depending on the face screening. The Model Muse body, I could live without. Too thin and limited articulation. And much as I loved L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz as a CHILD, my usual response to another Mattel WoO doll is "Can we find another classic?" BUT, I rather like this sultry, over-made up teenaged Dorothy. If I see her on sale, I might get her. Provided I like the face screening ... i.e., no wonky eyes ...

No, I have NOT succumbed to Monster High Fever. Yes, Ghoulia has the cutest red-framed eye glasses. Yes, Cleo has pretty skin color. The big heads and insect-like limbs lose me. Looking at these dolls - so clever how Mattel repackages a current wave, Gloom Beach, by putting the dolls together in one box - I wonder if Mattel imagines a future where the earth is ruled not by roaches but by hybrid insect-humans. That's what the Monster High dolls seem to me.

Justin Bieber fashions for the 12" guys in your life. I like the purple Chucks (cloth upper, rubber soled sneakers), but I am waiting for a sale on these. There seem to be three outfits - I photographed the two that I saw. The outfits consist of a pullover and/or a hoodie, skinny jeans, and footwear.

(One of my Kens would like to know: do the Justin Bieber footwear fit any Kens? Fashionista Ken feels he could use the sneakers and the skinny jeans.)

Finally, MGA Enterprises aka "The Bratz People" offer these two dolls that fall under the "aw, they're soooo cute" category. Moxie Girlz Lexa and Moxie Boyz Jaxson don complimentary masquerade party pirate gear here, but they are sold separate.

I've also seen the Target Barbie Basics in Red No. 2. (Couldn't take a photo because my camera had run out of "internal memory.") But yes, although I have several Lara/Drew faces already, I intend to get this one. Might need to sell some older Lara/Drew faces, but that's the Collector's Way, lol. So that's a post about my recent Target visits. If you'd like to share links for photos from your recent Target visits, let me know. If I receive more than 3 links, I'll set up a fresh post with the list of Target-visit links.

SiS Pastry Kara 2 - Seen at Walmart

Curious about the only doll among the So in Style Pastry, 2nd wave dolls, who isn't immersed in pink and/or purple? Here she is, Kara, wearing a green and gray outfit. Fellow SiS pal Trichelle accompanies Kara in this photo.

Whoever thought that green and gray would be an antidote to excess pink/purple?