Friday, September 9, 2011

Liv Fashions Worn by Other Dolls

Here are three photos showing Spinmaster's Liv fashions on dolls other than Liv. Most of us have Mattel fashion dolls so Nikki, friend of Teen Skipper, HSM Sharpay, and Flavas Kiyoni Brown model a few of the Liv jacket separates. The Liv sleeves are long for Teen Skippers and HSM Sharpay. Jointed at her elbows, Kiyoni might have been a better match for the black leather jacket or the orange-red jacket, but who could resist that bright turquoise jacket against Kiyoni's rich brown complexion? Not I.

The next two dolls are less commonplace: Who's That Girl Kana and Takara's Mitsuki model Liv jackets, too. Again, the sleeves on the long-sleeved jackets are too long. I probably could have swapped these jackets - had Mitsuki wear the yellow-black herringbone jacket and Kana the gray-pink camo one, but the selected styles suited the dolls better. I'd rather the outfit "fit" the doll's character than that it fit the doll's body. Although it is best when both size and style fit.

Me, I will overlook the over-sized hood. Kana tried to "work it" by stuffing her long hair in that cavity. Kana has a small head anyway. The hood is deep. I don't think that it ruins the outfit.

Here the five teen dolls pose for a group photo

That will "wrap" this post ... but wait, Belinda has an offering. Belinda chose the Liv boy shirt for her photo.

Belinda had to go there. Sigh.

I have some other Liv outfits that I will show on Momokos and other dolls in a future post. These four photos will allow you to see Liv fashions on other dolls. And you can see Liv fashion quality. How do these doll clothes compare with others? Well, these are playline fashions. Liv fashions use velcro and have unfinished hems. I would rate them as better than the current Barbie playline fashions, but no where near the exquisite tailoring in Integrity's Fashion Royalty clothing line. Spinmaster has their pulse on current fashions - as far as I can tell - I have seen the open-toe boot in trendy fashion stores in Philadelphia. These outfits are affordable, trendy, and now part of my doll wardrobe.


Tracy India said...

Belinda is a cute lil' thing. She looks adorable in that shirt and underwear set. I've seen that Teen Nikki around on Flickr...she's so pretty.

Great set of girls you have there. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Great post! I do think that Liv has the most wearable clothing in the doll world. Like they say, foundation pieces. I have all of the coats but the plaid. It was the only one that didn't do it for me. It like a bad 70's version of something I had that I had no choice in. I do regret not getting the guy's outfit. I am on the lookout for it. I didn't see any new items for him! coming soon

D7ana said...

Thanks Tracy India and Ms. Leo!

@ Tracy India - yes, Belinda is a cutey. Guess what though? Belinda wears black patent pleather bra and underpants. Oh yes, she's like that, lol.

So, too, is the Nikki doll.

@ Ms. Leo - thanks! Pity but there might not be another guy outfit. You know how slow toy companies can be to produce "boy" fashions. Shrug.

Vanessa said...

Belinda looks a little young to be that risque. But who I am I to judge? I have most of these coata and other really nice coats. I really need to do some scenes where they can wear their coats.

D7ana said...

Ah, try telling Miss Belinda she ought not dress like that. Sigh ... eyes roll. She had to do what none of the other girls would do.

Oh, yes, let's do coat scenes. We're approaching that time anyway ;-D