Thursday, September 8, 2011

Momoko's 10th Anniversary: 2001-2011

Guess who is celebrating her 10th anniversary this year? None other than the inimitable Momoko!
Round applause. Now for us, Momoko-fans, here are some important links.

Petworks blog Go and see new dolls and prototypes, etc.

Momoko on Facebook

Momoko on Twitter

Thanks, Lorraine, for these updates!


Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Momoko! I wish I had one in my collection snif snif

D7ana said...

Vanessa, I *see* a Momoko in your future. I checked a crystal ball. Uh huh ... you think hard enough and check the Internet and you, too, will have a Momoko. May she reach you, soon ;-D