Monday, May 26, 2014

For Dennis Rodman Fans ...

This past Saturday, I would have attended the International Black Doll Show and Sale, but it did not happen this year. Sigh. I mention that Show because that was the first and the only time that I saw a Dennis Rodman doll. That Dennis Rodman wore a wedding gown. Moving on - to avoid offending any DR fans out there who read here - there is a new Dennis Rodman figure by Storm Toy Collectibles. 

Storm Toy Collectibles makes collector quality action figures. You can read about them on their website or like them on their Facebook page.

This figure is bigger and articulated unlike the doll Dennis. Even if you have no interest in Dennis Rodman, you might want to check this figure out. The approximately 35 mm figure has 10 different hair sculpts, 11 interchangeable palms, a long fur vest, gold pants, flag briefs, a muscular body build, sunglasses, and other incredible, well-made accessories. The price is as you would imagine - "up there," lol. His pre-order cost is $214.99. Postage is $43.00 (not included in the pre-order/sale price). But you would have an extraordinary figure and accessories for that cost. 

Me, I am NOT a fan - I am not/was never a sports enthusiast. Sports interrupted my soap operas back when I watched them. Hurray and enjoy to those who are sports or Dennis Rodman fans!