Monday, April 13, 2009

DAF Characters and Storylines, Part 1

Okay this post has nothing to do with buying dolls or action figures in Philadelphia or elsewhere. This post is about creating DAF characters. "Playing with" our collection. I had back stories for my dolls and action figures when I was a child, as a teenager, and throughout my adult "collecting" years. Usually, I talk about what I collect and where I can find them or how this one differs from that one. Left unsaid is my guilty pleasure in telling stories of the dolls. Because telling stories about dolls and action figures smacks of "playing" and everyone knows, adults aren't supposed to play.

Eh but times are hard. Financially. So I can't buy the way I could last year. And even if I could, story ideas pop up. I re-dress a Barbie Musician-Prince in a brown tee shirt and Ken jeans and zap. His name is Jay, and he plays football. Gee, I wish I could find a new Hot Toys body for him ... like the one that Darren, one of my Hot Toys figures, has. And that Power Team guy there, the one I think of as "Roger Hawthorne," well, he's Jay's proud father. And maybe that Integrity Heat Wave Alysa could be Jay's mom and Roger's wife? Does she look mature enough though? And so on. Sigh.

Then I have been reading other collectors' doll and action figure stories. Roville, of course, and Cheridoll's Crossroads series, and Dolla's Harley Works, and Nick's Toyville and more recently, Michael's Paramus Chronicles and Modern Wizard's Love has Fangs.

And Modern Wizard's blog post, in which she identifies her DAF characters, here, impressed me. I mean she has her characters lined up, photographed, and identified. Wow, I thought. I want to do that.

Or at least get some of my figures photographed together. Like the Dirty Laundry News Team, the Syphons, the Janay clan, the Tan Van staff, the Science Corridor East, and the other denizens of East Philly.

Sigh. Wow.