Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hunky Harley Ken: Check Photos on Doll Divas

Warning: link to nude Harley Davidson Ken in various poses

Are you debating whether to buy the new Harley Barbie and Ken set? Check the photos submitted by Doll Divas member Amber here:

Harley Ken

The pose-ability of the new Ken looks fun and exciting.

Closed my eyes, tapped my heels together three times, "I am buying Harley Ken (and Barbie); I can afford them" Again, "I am buying Harley Ken and I can afford him." I make a third attempt, but alas my wallet is none the richer. Guess I need the ruby slippers. Sigh.

Links for Integrity Toys' Janay, Alysa, and Playline Dolls

While searching links for the Integrity Male Complexion post, I found these related sites. I am excited to share them with fellow Integrity playline collectors. The Master Collector link might have been provided before. But the others, I found by checking no longer available sites in the Internet Wayback Machine. Note: all sites do not have the photos, but the text there could be useful for dates - although confirmation from other collectors helps since, sometimes, dolls shown may NOT have been produced for the market. (I'm thinking of Shalaly)

Master Collector
2002 Integrity Dolls
Beautiful doll photos with wave titles

Dolls, Dreams, and Cuddy Things (Suzanne)
2002 Dolls
Reference for doll names and year; I could not open the photos belonging to the links

2003 Dolls
Aha! Giselle and Justin Wedding Set and Not-Produced Shalaly listed

2004 Dolls
Designer kits with unpainted Janay and friends heads - kitbashers dream!

Louise Fritsch's Candi Corner
Alysa and Jade
Reference for dolls and some photos show

Happy reading! Oh and don't forget that Therese of Dolls of Color is working on a Janay database. If you have Janay or other Integrity Barbie-scaled photos, links, etc. please share. Thanks!