Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mattel Raquelle Found in Philly

If you seek the Barbie Style Raquelle, she is being sold in Philadelphia. I saw her in the South Philly Target. I almost bought her. Almost. Then I remembered how I am NOT buying stuff until I have reduced my current collection. So even though she was only $19.99, I left her there.

Her outfit is the cutest from this collection. The jeans seem a bit looser than I thought they would be. (Good, she can actually shimmy into them.) I love the colors - faded black, vivid black, pepper red, and natural leopard print. They look like pieces a real person might wear together. Comfy, off the shoulder pullover, contrasting vest, skinny jeans, ankle boots, and an animal print scarf.

Mattel Barbie Style Raquelle in box
Mattel Barbie Style Raquelle

In this store, there were six blond Barbies and two Teresas to the one Raquelle doll. I don't know if there were more Raquelles available before I got there, but I think that she might have a smaller run. Why? 'cause she is wearing something kicky but natural colored. A quick "cheat" to help you find her among the others - if you encounter a batch of them - look for the yellow-black leopard print on the sides of the box front, especially, the left side.

Mattel Barbie Style Raquelle box back
Box back to Barbie Style Raquelle

Here is the back of the box where you can see the other dolls in this series. Also, they are shown on the side of the box.

Box side showing 4 Mattel Barbie Style 2014 fashion dolls
Two Barbies, one Raquelle, and one Teresa. No Nikki here. Sigh.

Another reason I probably did not buy this doll is that I am still waiting to find the snarky-faced Raquelle. I understand that she is not to every one's taste, but I like that her mouth has that wry twist. The expression on this doll's face is too pretty-pretty to borrow a phrase from Tyra Banks of America's Next Top Model and other fame. Come to think of it, the one I want is on sale at a few places. I ought to get her soon ... as soon as I sell some things ....

Oh my, back to that. Sigh.