Sunday, March 22, 2015

Carnival Barbie to be Rebodied

In the Comments section, Muff had asked if the Festivals of The World Carnival Barbie's body were rounder like her face. Alas, that Barbie is on a standard belly button body so, no, it is not. That query set me wondering how I could give her have a fuller figure.

The first body that came to mind was Mattel's Raven from That's So Raven Disney show. That body is close in complexion to the Carnival Barbie AND just a little broader in the torso and rounder in the legs than the belly button body. Oh and the legs are a little shorter.

Mattel That's So Raven doll and Carnival Barbie doll
Mattel That's So Raven doll and Carnival Barbie doll

Then I wondered: is this the best match? So I checked a Cali Girl Horse Riding Lea doll. Yay, articulation added. Her arms bend at the elbows; her legs bend at the knees. Her feet are bigger, better proportioned to her body. But ... and here is the rub ... the body is a little darker. And she's no longer shorter.

Mattel Cali Girl Horse Riding Lea body and Carnival Barbie doll

No. I liked her being shorter. A My Scene Madison body has a lighter complexion, click bend knees, and smaller feet as seen below. No, no, no. Pass on this one, too.

Mattel My Scene Madison body and Carnival Barbie doll

Other choices for shorter bodies include Mattel Flavas Tawny or Flavas Tika or Spinmaster Alexis from the Liv line. (Note: you will need the lighter complected Alexis.) But they don't have the weight I'd like for this doll face.

I am saving the rebodying until after I've reduced my doll count. Why? Greater incentive to wrap up my organizing project. She will need some fashions that can be hers. I don't care for the original Raven outfit - bright orange jacket and turquoise pants? No.


billa's dolls and fashions said...

i believe that she will look fine on the "that's so raven" body, I'm curious to see what kind of wardrobe you will choose for her.
I think she would look fine in a floral dress, anyway something with a summer vibe to it!
Kisses Billa

D7ana said...

Hi Billa's Dolls and Fashions! Yes, I can see this doll wearing a flowery frock. I also thought a scoop neck pullover, jeans, and a flowery silk scarf either to hold back her hair or to replace a leather belt.

Thanks for the suggestions. Kisses back ;-)

Jewell said...

I look forward to seeing her on the new body. I keep thinking maybe I should add Raven to my collection. I recently got a horse riding to find more shoes for her.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: she is very pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing the new body. I wish she was wearing a spring dress. Keep in touch

The grandmommy said...

I don't know whose body you should give her. I just know her face sculpt is so beautiful she needs to have a really great one!

jayric said...

I rebodied several of my barbie,its hard to find the exact skin tone. I suggest just ignore the slight different skin tone & enjoy articulation they are not visible after you dress up them.

D7ana said...

Hi Jewell and Marta! Thanks for your comments!

@Jewell - I would say, "Get a Raven doll. Yes, her faces - both versions - are unremarkable. But it is a light brown body that is fuller than the belly button bodies.

Congratulations on getting your Horse Riding Lea. New in box, she came with red cowboy boots and dark brown sandals. I have not redressed that body yet so I'm not 100% sure which shoes might fit them, but here are some suggestions for the G.I.R.L. Force dolls that might work. Good luck!

@Marta - I'm looking forward to seeing this doll rebodied and redressed, too. A spring dress is top on the clothes list for her ;-)

D7ana said...

Hi The grandmommy and Jayric! Thanks for your comments!

@The grandmommy - I like the Raven body best for my re-visioning of this doll ;-)

@Jayric - I agree with you about the difficulties of finding an exact complexion match for dolls, especially ethnic ones ;-)

Georgia Girl said...

When it comes to matching the bodies for the ethic dolls, it seems to be very hard to get the exact match. I agree with Jayric. The slight difference will not be noticed especially with clothes on.

D7ana said...

Hi Georgia Girl! Yes, you and Jayric are both right: re-dressed, the slight color discrepancy won't be noticeable. And dressed dolls is what I'm aiming for ;-)

Thanks for the feedback!

april_n_paris said...

My goodness...I didn't even know there was a Carnival Barbie!!!

Muff said...

Do you have a Get Real Girl Doll body? I wonder how that would look. They are athletic bodies, but slightly thicker than the average Barbie. I've only seen one darker toned one in person, so I've no idea about other complexions.

Brini said...

She has such a cute face, I love the Carnival Barbie. I might include here in my collection just because she would be pretty to display.

D7ana said...

Hi April_n_Paris, Muff, and Brini!

@April_n_Paris - yes, there is. Isn't she lovely, too?

@Muff - oh, yes, I have Get Real Girl doll bodies. Thanks for suggesting them. Both Nakia and Gabi are discernibly darker than Carnival Barbie. Nakia is dark brown and Gabi is a medium brown. Skyler is lighter. I have to find my Claire, but her complexion is a grayed tan as I remember.

However, I like the idea of a rounded figure so I'm going to stay with the Raven body. Your query influenced that idea - thanks!

@Brini - oh, yes! She is a cutie ;-)

Sarah Sequins said...

Carnival Barbie has such a cute face! She reminds me of the Gabriella doll from High School Musical.

I love Raven's face, too. Which is probably why I went crazy and bought two of her. I agree with you about the outfit, though. ;)

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

The only other option I can think of is Kenya, who is a bit more full-fugured although unfortunately not shorter. The one I have has the lightest complexion of the three available, and she's a bit paler than my Horseriding Lea.

Carrickters said...

I like the Raven body the best of all your options so far, although I am sure you will find others before you make your final decision. As the others have said, once she is dressed, slight colour variations aren't that noticeable.

D7ana said...

Hi Sarah Sequins, Anderson's All-Purpose, and Carrickters!

@Sarah Sequins - I think that Carnival Barbie and Gabriella have either the same or slightly different versions of the same face mold. See this photo. I also think Tiara Gold and that other HSM doll have this face.

@Anderson's All-Purpose - good catch. I've only one Kenya who's too dark for this swap. The lightest Kenya would likely do here, too. The rounder torso would be a plus; the height, not so much.

@Carrickters - the Raven body is my favorite, too. It is slightly lighter than the Carnival face, but that won't be noticeable when she is dressed.

Thanks for sharing your suggestions and comments.

Ms. Leo said...

I didn't know that That's So Raven doll's body was larger than a BB body. I guess it is smaller than Happy Family Grandmother. I put mine on a FF body. I do like it.

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo! That's So Raven doll's body has a wider waist than a BB body, but the waist is smaller than Happy Family Grandmother's. The Raven head would look good on a FF body. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing ;-)

Havilland Parker said...

I really want to see this Carnival on the Raven body. I think that's is going to look cool. I'm actually a fan of that facemold (I have like 9 of them in total - not the one in question interestingly enough) and I like to see people work with it.

It definitely lends itself to to a fuller body.

Btw, the Tiara Gold mold is quite different from the Carnival mold. It don't think it is a modified version of it at all.

D7ana said...

Hi Havilland Parker! I have rebodied the Carnival mold onto the Raven body. I think she looks great.

Have you posted or will you post about your 9 Carnival-faced dolls? That would be fun to see.

Havilland Parker said...

Great. I'll definitely do that. I have one on its way to me now, so as soon at that arrives, I'll do it.

D7ana said...

Hi Havilland Parker! Cool! Ten Carnival-faced dolls? I will enjoy that post ;-)

(What doll enthusiast wouldn't enjoy a comparison post?)