Monday, December 7, 2009

Preparing for a Top 10 DAFs of 2009 Post

Shaun Wong issued an invitation to collectors to submit a Top 10 list of favorite dolls and or action figures received in 2009. The challenge has been accepted by Corsetkitten among other collectors.

I've decided to post about my Top 10 Dolls and Action Figures (DAFs). Now while I hope that I have not yet exhausted my purchases for this year, for this article, I am going to draft a post based on what I have now. If I need to amend the list, I'll do so. But for now, here are the steps that I am taking to produce my Top 10 list.

1. List the DAFs bought in 2009
2. Note the DAFs I most enjoy having from that list
3. If more than 10, go through that list a second time. Do any have back stories?
4. Determine the Top 10 by liking, back story, and times handled
5. Rank the DAFs from 10-1
6. Photograph the Top 10 in one photo
7. Photograph each of the 10 individually
8. Provide the DAF name, series if any, and where available if available still
9. Discuss why/how each gained DAF that position
10. Type and proof choice responses then upload to my blog

These are the steps I imagine taking to produce my Top 10 list.