Saturday, April 30, 2011

Extra AKA Centennial Barbie, Anyone?

Doll enthusiast Cheryl seeks a new AKA Centennial Barbie at a reasonable price. Please write to her directly if you have or know someone who has this doll AND who is willing to sell it for a reasonable price. Her e-mail address is

Thanks in advance for your kindness.


In a recent comment, I used the word “Philistines” to describe potential Craigslist buyers who expect to pay $20 for a NRFB AH-6 Little Bird Nightstalker helicopter. I apologize for that name calling.

The vehicle being mine gives it no greater value than if it were in a store. When I buy toys, if I get a great deal, I feel pleased and proud. Oh such luck! Oh I am one smart cookie. Imagine finding this item at that cost! All positive. I don’t think that the store owner might feel slighted that I was paying less than the item’s original cost. But the thought that something once precious of mine could be sold for less than the original cost, well, the thought stank.

Selling items from our collection can be difficult. Perhaps we *know* the market value of the thing. More important though is its meaning for us. That lingering attachment can hurt our sales. We forget that the item is, well, an item. Stores like Target or Walmart can slash prices because the toys are stock that need moving so that newer items can be brought in. Collectors attribute value to items that demands respect for the item that others may not perceive. My helicopter won’t be sold at that price. However, the Craigslist buyer seeks a bargain because that is the nature of that list. Even more than toy shoppers in a store, Craigslist buyers expect and seek reduced prices.

So I need to remember that Craigslist buyers are not villains out to insult the quality of my collection. They are just people doing what I do when I shop for doll and action figures: grab bargains.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Can You See Barbie as Lady Gaga?

One collector can. Here is a link to an article about the Pink Princess styled a la Lady Gaga.

Me, I think Barbie can do almost anything, so why not?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Should I Sell It? AH-6 Helicopter

It is easily the coolest 1:6 scale vehicle that I have.

Behold the 21st Century Toys AH-6 Little Bird Nightstalker Helicopter.

Sure it was created for modern soldiers ... The Ultimate Soldier, no less. Alas. Yes, the Ultimate Soldier line includes some of the hmmm ... homliest action figures ever created. But then again, these figures weren't meant to be glamorous. They are warriors and villains and characters not usually associated with usual doll-play. So that makes them potentially interesting to add to my collection ... well, maybe not the pilot in this set since I think some of my guys want to replace him.

Why? My guys and gals want this prop for thriller movie scenes. Scenes I will not likely do anytime soon. At least, I don't plan to do so. Yes, pretty sure about that. So maybe I should sell it. But then again, I would not want to buy it again.

That is why you see the wonderful graphics on the box, but not the actual helicopter. I have not yet opened the box. Yes, I do have stuff I want to open some day. No, I don't like to just look at the graphics printed on the boxes. I enjoy seeing and posing actual figures. But if I sell it, shouldn't I allow the new owner to have "first touch?"

And if I put it together, it will be a pain to put it back.

Then again, it would be cool to have around. It will likely be the closest to being near a helicopter I will get.

Thinking ... pondering ....

(Note: not saying I'm afraid - just saying I have no intention of ever boarding a helicopter or any other air dwelling vehicle. Nope. Not unless the earth is all on fire. Bump knuckles to SmidgeGirl.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New at Walmart: Skipper with Blue Streak and AA Computer Engineer Barbie

I think I like this Skipper better than the one with the pink streak. I don't think the face mold has changed; I just like this one better for some reason. Blue streak? Possibly.

Note the AA Computer Engineer Barbie. Nice, hmm? More of the Desiree/Adria face mold though. And I would have preferred tortoise-shell eyeglasses. Eh but then I am picky.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walmart Clearance Item - Jumping Up and Down!

I've lucked out and got a "good buy" on a Liv playset: Hayden's After School Pet Adoption Center for $7.00 at Walmart. Am I happy about it? Yes, I am. I finally have that elusive hamster. Cute, isn't it? (Not that I want anywhere near a hamster in real life, in flesh, but what a find at this scale.) And the hamster has an exercise wheel ... all together now ... AAAAHHHH ....

I also like the dog in this set although its posing ability is limited. Sigh, only the Smartees pets are articulated. Or maybe there are other articulated pets ... please share if you know of any. I like my playscale crew to live with wee creatures. And larger ones ... need to get Farmer Miles' mule out someday.

Walmart had some other Liv accessories on sale, but the cost seemed high: a pair of bowling shoes, a bowling ball, and a bowling bag for a little over $5.00. (Not sure I want any of my DAFs bowling anyway. I have mini pins, but to set up an alley for them ... might be more work than I want to do.) Alas, I had removed my batteries so I could not photograph those other items.

The other Liv playset I want to find - preferably for sale is Daniela's drum set. Now that's a cool set.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Military Camouflage Wear Among Civilians

I noticed a military camouflage backpack among my accessories and that sighting inspired this photo. we have two Kellys*, a Tommy, and a Jacob each wearing civilian fashions influenced by military camouflage. The ladies wear Mixis tanks and Barbie camouflage pants. Tommy wears his original outfit. Jacob has borrowed his long shorts from Oliver from Hannah Montana.

Does anyone like the look? I consider it a "youth" look. I would feel awkward wearing it myself although I have and would wear military-themed jackets, blouses, and dresses. Camouflage feels more informal to me.

* Our Kellys are Aoshima's Lady's Mission Kelly Jackson (left) and Mattel's Teen Kelly, a Starr friend (right). And no, the room was NOT especially cold. LM Kelly is just "built" that way ;-D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Outfits for Ken - Poor Ken!

Please look at this small selection of new Ken fashions. If you were Ken, what would you do? My guys are weeping. Openly.

The colors ... turquoise and heather gray? The last time at least the colors were bright. Sigh ... poor Ken, dressed by three year olds.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Which Mixis Body is It? LE or SE?

Let’s say you are bopping along, running errands, and listening to a snappy tune - like Gwen Stefani’s “Ain’t No Harley (Holler?) Back Girl.” (Feel free to substitute the bouncy song of your choice.) You are a modern doll/action figure enthusiast. You are lucky to have fellow DAF enthusiast friends, too! Skip, bounce, skip, bounce. Then your phone rings. The partner of one of your favorite doll enthusiast friends is on the line. Code Red, this person cries. This is an emergency only YOU can resolve. You. Your chest swells with pride until you hear what happened.

Well, Friend 1 – who incidentally does NOT collect dolls or action figures – Friend 1 felt neglected by Friend 2 so Friend 1 got drunk and went on a rampage among Friend 2’s dolls. Friend 1 dismembered several dolls. Now Friend 1 needs your help re-connecting the bodies BEFORE Friend 2 returns from an overnight trip. Horrified though you are, you decide to help Friend 1. Despite that person’s questionable sanity and your natural revulsion, you think of all those dismembered dollies. Oh the shame of it. So you rush to the crime scene.

Most of the dolls can easily be repaired. Whew. But Friend 2 has two Mixis dolls that Friend 1 dismembered during the rampage. (Aiiieeee!) One was a Limited Edition Rosa; the other was a Sunset Edition Rosa. You distinguish the head of the Limited Edition Rosa due to some customizing Friend 2 had completed. The legs for the dolls seem similar enough so they don’t cause a problem. But matching the bodies … oh dear. Which is which? Your friend should not see the head of her LE Rosa on the SE Rosa body.

Well, there is help for you. Check the back of the bodies. If the company markings are on the upper back and those markings read, “© 2007 YNU Group Inc.” on the top line and “China” on the second line, that is the Sunset Edition Mixis body. If the markings are on the lower back, and read “© 2006 YNU Group Inc.” on the top line and “China” on the second line, that is the Limited Edition Mixis body. The photos below will illustrate the placements I have describe.

Also, if the breasts on the body seem to flow with the rest of the body, that is the Sunset Edition Mixis body. The breasts on the first Mixis body, the Limited Edition body, seem a little off, as if they were scooped on after the main body was created. (My guess and opinion that the LE body was first - hint, the date - and possibly no one else would agree with me about the breasts setting.)

There you go. Friend 1 will think you could hang the moon. Friend 2 may never know how those dolls were nearly destroyed. You have helped your friends and possibly, averted the end of a relationship. You can return to your errands. Or can you? Knowing what you know about Friend 1's actions?

P.S. This terrible event has never happened to me. Any resemblance to real doll attacks is coincidental. However, it is possible so please accept this anecdote as just that, an anecdote.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New For Sale Page

My DAFs overfloweth. So it is time, time, time.

I've updated my For Sale Page. Please stop by and help me "share" the "wealth.

Thanks for looking and sharing ;-D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do You Like Freckled Faces?

Frannie of Thrift Store Dolls recently submitted a post about a freckle-faced Bratz doll. She - Frannie, not the Bratz doll Rina - inspired this post about some of the freckle-faced DAFs here in East Philly.
Usually, Mattel's frecked-faced dolls are children. Tommy and Kelly. Occasionally, you will find an adult doll with freckles like One Modern Ken, several of the Fashion Fever dolls (Gillian, Drew, etc.)

I am posting photos of two freckle-faced characters. The young lady on the left is the AA version of Skipper from the Walmart Barbie and Skipper Pajama Fun Tote set; the gentleman on the right is one of the Power Team members. Check how his freckles extend beyond his nose to his entire face.

Do you have any favorite freckle-faced dolls or action figures?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Alexis in Two Shades

For Liv Alexis fans who would prefer her with a darker complexion, someone is "listening" to you.

Check these two Making Waves Alexis dolls:

I found them at a Philadelphia Target store. No price difference between the two. I confess, I forgot to check for the stock numbers - darn. (I saw them in Target; alas I did not buy them.)

Wonder if they are leftover bodies from the Alice Alexis dolls?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Need Micro-Storage for Your Small Items? Recycle Time!

Imagine this. My funds for play stuff has dwindled in recent years. I have had to - gasp! - cut back on my doll spending. Oh no! Oh yes. Sigh. I still have over 600 DAFs in spite of recent sales; and yes, that quantity of figures needs to be corralled. My DAF Room seems clogged with dolls I want, action figures I adore, accessories I need and lots of stuff that I can actually spare. Storage options help manage this collection. And ready-made storage options that won't absorb your doll and action figure collecting funds ... well, that's like found money.

My priority is to buy the DAFs, then sometimes outfits and/or accessories for them. Expensive micro storage pieces - while nice - are NOT particularly first on my list. So I need to be more creative in my storage choices.

How so? Well, let's start with recycled plastic covers and clear boxes that housed dolls or action figures I have deboxed. Surely Mattel and Hasbro and other companies would LOVE to know that they have given us a bonus in the packaging. That's why they make all those clear "windows," etc. For the savvy consumer, hmmm? Right.

The empty tall, mostly clear Fashion Fever tubes can hold tall objects like fishing rods, microphones, swords, rolled up posters, etc. Bodiless heads, etc. Less mess already. Plus, I can "see" what I have. Similarly, the clear plastic covers for the 12" pegboard G.I. Joes make neat shallow bins. I have plastic doll purses and backpacks in one of those.

Don't let us forget the plastic mini bin for wet wipes. I LOVE these. Easy open, easy close. You get this neat "snip" sound for free! (Who can pass up special sound effects like that?!) I have retained almost every one I nabbed. One large aqua one, I use for my toddlers' clothes and accessories. The more usual size, I use for accessories like shoes, food items, and other items. They can be covered with fabric or papier mache, etc. to individualize them or to identify the contents.

Other packaging can also be used for new purposes. You can give these pieces a Second Life. You can rescue them from landmines. Well, ideally, before they reach the landmines ;-D

Here some samples ... hope you enjoy seeing them!

Monday, April 4, 2011

More Target Exclusives: Liv Production of Alice in Wonderland

In case you have NOT seen Hayden (as The White Rabbit) or Sophie (as Alice) in their Alice in Wonderland costumes, here is a photo of them. Note: for a link to photos of Daniela and Katie, please visit The House of Mouse.

The outfits look cute. The heads are too big - by my standards - but I might not mind a few of the outfits and the accessories like Sophie's rabbit. (My Kat aka Kana with black hair - collects plushy toy rabbits.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

New AA "Kelly"? Not an April Fool's Day Joke - Honest

How's this for news: it seems Mattel will create Black counterparts to the recent Barbie family dolls. (No, that's not an official statement. Just saw this set and wondered.) Wonder if this little girl is an AA "Kelly?" Oh wouldn't it be great if there were Hispanic and Asian dolls as well?

Well, I can wish, hmm? That's not being greedy - more being hopeful.

Oh and the little girl is jointed at the hips ... she can sit!