Saturday, June 30, 2012

Integrity Candi Collection 2002, Courtesy of My Favorite Doll

I have a My Favorite Doll Spring-Summer 2002 catalog. So I asked Margaret Matsui, the president of My Favourite Doll Inc., for permission to scan certain pages from that catalog. She said yes. (Do I know good people? Oh, yes! I do.) So here are two Integrity Toys' Candi pages. Hope you enjoy seeing them.

I am fortunate to have two of the dolls on this page: the Asian Holiday Toast and the Asian International. Lovely dolls in exquisite fashions. NOT for sale.

I have two of the dolls shown on this page: Subtle Elegance (the Israeli face mold) and On the Go (the Hispanic face mold). They are also NOT for sale.

Additional Candi photos can be found on this French blog, on Frannie's blog, and of course, on Black Doll Collecting's blog.

You can still buy some of these lovely dolls on Susan's Shop of Dolls.

Thanks, Marg!

P.S. I might have to link to these pages elsewhere so that you can see the dolls better.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tribute Action Figure - Personalized Yourself Lately?

Has anyone submitted his or her likeness to Tribute Action Figures? That company creates articulated action figures with specially sculpted heads tailored to look like an individual person. I assume the bodies are one size fits all - one male sculpt and one female one. The head though is the piece of distinction. Examples are shown on their website; the figures look like real people.

So anyone have this done or seen others who have had it done?

I saw their Like page on Facebook and wondered if it made a good job of it. Not that I am seeking a personalized, mini-D7ana. That I would have to do myself ;-D

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Dolls and Action Figures for Sale ... by ModernWizard

Guess who else is having a doll and action figure sale? No, don't be snarky and ask who is NOT having a sale. I have news about original, one-of-a-kind dolls and action figures many created by the inimitable ModernWizard, author of the adult-themed  Blog of Stench where vampires, ghosts, humans, and zombies discuss and sometimes pontificate about life, love, and sex. For photos and descriptions of playscale figures, some of whom may be FREE or low cost, please see this post.

Final selling point: some of those dolls have been altered by renown doll artist Andrea of DollsAhoy!

Oh, no! Now you're hooked on a new blog? Shrug. Oh that we had the time to read all we liked. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Sale Part I

Model Name Price
Happy Family Dad & Son Alan and Ryan $30.00

Barbie Millicent Roberts, 1st Barbie $25.00

Bead Blast Barbie $10.00

Best Model: Monte-Carlo 2006 Barbie $30.00

Birthday Wishes Blue 2005 Barbie $25.00

Butterfly Art Barbie $10.00

City Style Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave V Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave B Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave N - Styled by Me Barbie $15.00

Fashion Fever Holiday Barbie $20.00

Fashion Fever 2006 Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever 2007 Barbie $10.00

Feelin' Groovy (Billy Boy) Barbie $20.00

Festival of the World: Chinese New Year Barbie $30.00

PomPom Divas Fly Girls Barbie and Teresa $18.00

Generation Girl Barbie $18.00

Fashion Model Collection: Highland Fling Barbie $25.00

Hip Barbie - AA $8.00

Hip Barbie - AA $8.00

Birthstone Beauties: May Barbie $10.00

Birthstone Beauties: June Barbie $10.00

Birthstone Beauties: November Barbie $10.00

Movie Star (British version) Barbie $20.00

My Graduation 2004 (Mi Graduacion 2004) Barbie $20.00

DotW: Polish Barbie $10.00

Pretty Flowers Barbie $8.00

DotW Princess of Holland Barbie $15.00

Radiant Rose Barbie $30.00

Fairytopia Sparkle Fairy (Blue) Barbie $10.00

Pop Icons Veronica Barbie $10.00

Target Special Edition Halloween Party Becky $9.00

Cali Guy Blaine $15.00

Li'l Friends of Kelly Chelsie $5.00

Barbie Diaries Courtney $15.00

Rebelde: Elite Way School Set Diego and Roberta $18.00

Fashion Fever Wave B - Asian Fruits Drew $30.00

Fashion Fever Wave C Drew $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave V Drew $25.00
Disney: High School Musical Gabriella $15.00

Rebelde: Elite Way School Set Giovanni and Lupita $18.00

Fashion Fever Wave V Kayla $15.00

Target Special Edition Halloween Party Kelly $9.00

Beach Fun The New Look Ken $10.00

Cali Girl Ken $10.00

Fashion Fever Ken $15.00

Fashion Fever Wave S Modern Trends Kurt $15.00

Li'l Friends of Kelly Marisa $10.00

Candy Glam Nikki $9.00

Holiday Party Nikki $10.00

Teen, Friend of Skipper Nikki $20.00

My Scene Chillin' Out Nolee $15.00
My Scene Masquerade Madness Nolee $15.00

Rebelde Concert Outfit Roberta Pardo $12.00

Disney - HSM3 Senior Yr: Grad. Ryan $12.00

Cali Girl Summer $10.00

Butterfly Art Teresa $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave B - Asian Fruits Teresa $30.00

Top Model Teresa $25.00

Wal-Mart Shopping Time Teresa $8.00

 Target Special Edition Halloween Party Tommy $9.00

Tree Ornament: Mistletoe Kisses Tommy $9.00

Generation Girl Tori $20.00

Minimum order $30.00No returns            Postage not included

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Disco Wanda's New Body

Hi yall!

Disco Wanda here. Yall might remember me from the Morristown Wedding? (Laughs.) No, I was not the bride. I was one of the guests. I went with Old Joe and some teenagers? Yes, ma'am, that Wanda. Anywho, I just wanted to holler at yall and let yall know that I gots a new body now. Yes, indeedy. A new body.

Now that don't make me no new woman. I am still the same Disco Wanda who loves to party, but I can boogie better with this new body. A Monsieur Z gal named Jungle Fever, had it before me. See that tan safari top that some um person like to call a dress? That was her style, but yall remember me. And one thing I am not is a hootchy woman. Not Disco Wanda. I likes to party, but I party like a Lady. First and foremost. My Momma didn't raise no hootchy mamas. So any perves out there, look your look 'cause you ain't ever gonna see me dressed like that again. My old top, skirt, and belt is a little too big for me now. This one skinny body. No offense meant, yall. And like I said, well, my old top surely is too big - but I ain't gonna be gadding about in slut-style. No, indeedy. The Good Lord did not mean me to be a hootchy woman. My Momma did not raise no hootchy woman. So I will find me some decent, Christian clothes if I have to expire in a tweed coat over the summer. Not that I am planning that, yall. Just saying how far I will go to not be no hootchy woman. Not saying God don't love hootchy women, but I ain't going down that path, hear?

"Wanda, your Momma's calling ..."

Okay, tell her I'm comin' chile.

Ain't that nice, yall? One of them little chippies telling me my Momma's on the line. Lord, I better get there. Momma don't hold with no long distance playing. I just wanted to let yall know about the new body and how I am going to put it to good use.

"Wanda ... "

Alright, alright. I'm coming. Yall take care, now. God bless ...

G.I. Joe Convention Anyone?

Okay another DAF social event I am NOT going to: the 2012 G.I. Joe Convention.

Anyone going? Anyone plan on doing an article about it or photos of it? Please leave your link or links here. I'd be happy to link to your site or to inform others of your adventure. Sigh. Thanks, folks ;-D

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IRL New Dolls of the World Photos

... now up at The Doll Attic here.

Seeking Webshots Cronies Ummm Friends

I was looking at my Webshots page today when I realized that I had only 3 fans and only 3 friends there. Okay, I could understand not having a long line of fans for my photography. Yes, I keep saying, I am going to work on it. But only 3 friends? So, I am extending an invitation for others on Webshots. Come on ... let's be Webshots friends.

Still shy? I have had 80,105 views.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Japanese Jenny and Friends by Takara

"So long, it's been good to know you ..."

I've been going through my Takara Jenny and friends dolls. Who is to stay? Who wants to go? Now Takara Jenny dolls usually have this innocent look that I find appealing even though their eyes are larger than the majority of dolls and action figures in my collection. They look sweet without being cloyingly, sticky-icky sweet. And once upon a time, they had the best looking accessories and wonderful diorama settings ... But let's get back to the subject at hand. Who is to go and who is to stay?

Here are the ones that are staying:

Prince Charles. Why? Because he is so adorably stodgy.

Jenny's Club Jane. Why? Because she's a rare grinner among Takara dolls.

Calendar Girl Jenny, July, Regggae Music. Why? Yarn dreadlocks and that over-sized hat.

Two Kisaras, two Linas, Meiren, two Mitsukis, Moe, Naomi, Rie, Sayaka, Shou, Tamaki, three Toms, and Uno Kanda. Why? Because I still like something about them. They appeal to me. They might look inquisitive (Meiren) or solemn (the Toms and the Linas) or lively (Moe and Shou).

And these are the ones that are going:

Left Francois; middle Limited Edition Kisara; and right Life Style Coordination Kisara close up

Left Kaori Chan and right, Olive close up

Angel Garden Slice of School Days Ferice. Why? Too anime. [Not shown here.]

Limited Edition Fransois. Why? Too anime.

Limited Edition Kisara. Why? I don't know. Just not "feeling" her. She's "sunburst" colored (suntanned), and she has streaked AND crimped hair. I should still want her.

Life Style Coordination Kisara. Why? I don't know. Just not "feeling" her either. And I usually like Kisara of the Side-Glancing Eyes. Shrug.

Limited Edition Kaori Chan. Why? Pretty but vacant.

Hajimemashite Olive. Why? I like her outfit, but I can't remember why I bought her.

Life Style Coordination Rosana. Why? Gee, do I really want to sell her? Pause. Cross her off this list. [Not shown here.]

Jenny's Club Tamaki. Why? Can't remember why I bought her. Possibly for her gold-coin colored hair? Now I think someone else would appreciate her more than I. So she should go. [Not shown here.]

I don't regret buying any of these dolls. It's just that my tastes have changed since I bought them. I'll upload photos of the missing Ferice and the missing JC Tamaki in a separate post to follow.

Cost? $15.00 each for the swimsuit dolls; $18.00 for the dressed Olive; and $20.00 for Angel Garden Schoolgirl Ferice and JC Tamaki who was a special order doll. Postage NOT included.

Now I am curious. Do the Takara Jenny dolls interest you? Why or why not?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, play scale or human scale.

If your play scale daddy needs cigarettes or a can opener, see One Sixth Scale King for visuals. (I have never shopped there - just saw a link to them today. That link was on Nouveau Toys' Links page.)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Catalina and Damita: Munecas from Jakks Pacific

Note: this post has been created in response to a suggestion from Limbe Dolls. Thanks for the suggestion, Paulette!

Jakks Pacific, an American toy company, has produced an interesting assortment of playscale dolls and action figures. Among the figures produced were the Juku Couture line, the WWF* wrestlers, the G.I.R.L. Force series, and the Muneca de Moda, Catalina and Damita dolls.

The Muneca de Moda dolls were "blonde" Catalina and "brunette" Damita. You could "Coleccionales Todos!" by buying all four Catalinas and all four Damitas. Since the only difference among the dolls was the outfit worn, I settled with one of each doll. Their bodies are basic Barbie clones - click bend knees, straight twist and turn waists, and unbending arms that end in gracefully splayed fingers.

Had I been given my choice, I would have bought the cowgirl Damita in poncho and jeans and the dancer Catalina in red blouse and black skirt. Instead, I bought the then available floral print dressed Damita and the cream knit dressed Catalina. Shrug.

Here is a close up of the two munecas:

And here is a full length photo of them:

Please note: the wine red dress worn by Catalina is NOT a Jakks Pacific fashion; that dress came from an Aoshima/Skynet doll set.

* At the time the Jakks Pacific Ringside Rebels Wrestlers were produced, the wrestler entertainment group was called the World Wide Federation.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Suggested Baby/Toddler Accessories at Walmart

Stepped into a Walmart the other day - please remember, I do have a cat and Walmart and Target happen to have the best prices for cat food. You do believe me, hmmm? Anyway, after I checked the Meow Mix, Iams, and Fancy Feast selections, I decided it might be nice just to see what this Walmart had available. I happened to be in one that I seldom visited so what harm could looking do?

None. I saw the new Disney Princess, Merida of Brave. Granted she is a cute doll, but she has that Disney doll failing - too big a head. So I gave a sigh. And returned her to the shelf. Saw the new Raquelle Fashionista in the gold mini dress. Well, I knew I wasn't going to get her even if I were to see her. And I was good, I did not. Saw some Bratz that were sort of cute even if they had no noses. But no, dolls must have noses in East Philly. So I passed on the Bratz Catz.

Then I saw these small baby/toddler dolls. They had molded plastic baby heads and squishy stuffed bodies. Meh faces. Nothing special, I mean. BUT the accessories ... now they could possibly be used for Mattel tots. Check the photo below. The series is called Teeny Babies; they are produced by a company called Bliptoys. Each "baby" has a different toddler accessory like a car seat, a rocking horse, and a walker. Cost? $3.00 each. Think it's time for some new toddler accessories?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ten Disney Dolls for Less Than $100

MissSpottyJane has a blog post with interesting news about the 12" basic. I am not going to repeat it here, but I'll leave a two word teaser, "new bodies" to pique your curiosity.

Anyway, MSJ had me thinking about the 11-12" Disney dolls so I thought, let's see what the Disney Store is offering this time. Well, I saw that they were offering a Classic 10-doll box of Disney Princesses for $99.50 USD, so I had to note that here on PhillyCollector. And the companion guys are on sale for $8.00 each. So if you have been seeking Disney Princesses or their companions, now might be a good time to buy them.

Happy hunting! Thanks, MissSpottyJane, for the tip!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joss and Tosh ... The Other Two Star Dolls

I mentioned that I had bought two other StarDolls. Officially, they are Pretty n Love 2 and Fallen Angel 1, but here in East Philly, they are Jocelyn aka Joss and Toshiko aka Tosh. Joss and Tosh are college students who model to pay for their college expenses.

Roxanne is considering her new body options. She thinks she might settle for a Monsieur Z (Integrity Toys) body. She would have liked a rounder body, but this one might suit. Hmmm ....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paul of S Club 7 and Possible Body Styles for New 1D Band?

Curious about how Hasbro might create a member of a pop music group? Let's look at their past work - in this case, Paul from S Club 7. What body type does he have? How accurate is the resemblance? You may have seen Paul before on the Keeping Ken site, but here he is out of his box.

First, here is Paul in his box. While we tend to associate Hasbro with G.I. Joe, Hasbro has created other doll lines before - Jem, Maxi, Destiny's Child, S Club 7, etc. so neither dolls nor capturing celebrity likeness is new for them. (Aside: although the Destiny's Child dolls are not necessarily ones to brag about. Their Beyonce was on the homely side.)

Note Paul's profile ... decent resemblance to the singer.

Next his body type: can you say "fashion doll?" Why? Straight arms (or permanently bent ones) and click bend knees. Manufacturers working in "fashion doll mode" did not like the look of articulated bodies. See Paul stretching to show off his plump calves; no nasty breaks for joints.

Here is Paul goofing around with two Hasbro G.I. Joes - Lamont A. Morris (1992) on Paul's right and Marvin F. Hinton (2003) on his left to show the body variety of Hasbro's male figures. Mr. Morris can twist his arms to face in or out while Mr. Hinton has joints at his elbows and wrists. All three Hasbro males from Paul's fashion doll body (straight arms and bend leg knees) to Mr. Morris' hybrid doll/action figure body (arm direction ability and bend leg knees) to Mr. Hinton's action figure body (joints at elbows, wrists, and knees) can extend their arms out from their side and spread their legs wide. So there is some additional body posing available to Hasbro figures.

But what about the S Club 7 today? Check their updated website.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Coming Soon: One Direction by Two Companies

Regular readers will remember that I mentioned Vivid Imaginations' One Direction dolls last year. Well, guess what? The boy band has become even more popular since then. They are now a force here in the United States. So much that Hasbro is bringing out their version of the British-Irish band. Sound exciting? Yes, it does - to me anyway.

Oh, but I have NOT gotten the Vivid Imaginations guys yet.

I wonder if the Hasbro versions will be play scale, have rooted hair, and/or be jointed? Boy I'd like to know. Snaps fingers. Why not ask?

"Dear Hasbro ..."

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lazy Susan for Accessory Storage

I bought this three-level lazy susan from an arts and crafts store several years ago. It holds shoes and footwear, wigs and head gear, musical instruments, and other miniatures that lack a home.

It can hold larger stuff. Keeps things tidy. Easy to drop stuff in or to remove things.

Heavy. Takes up a good chunk of space.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wizard World Philly

Remember I said that I would attend the 2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Convention?
Well, I was not able to go after all. 

Sorry to disappoint. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

International Black Doll Show 2012, Pt. 2

Behold! a blast from my past: Soul Sister doll seen at Linda C. Hayes' table. Talk about childhood memories ... many years ago, I owned a Soul Sister doll. Seeing her triggered an involuntary smile. I almost forgot my shoulder pain and being broke. That's why I attend the International Black Doll Show and Sale. Why I appreciate Ms. Hayes' annual presence at this event. You never know what fun, charming, amusing, exciting object will appear next.

Soul Sister doll was only one of the many interesting dolls for sale by Linda Hayes, doll dealer extraordinaire.  From sport figures like Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman or a play scale rickshaw or special issue-themed dolls like Cammie Goes to College, Ms. Hayes never disappoints her fan base at the Show. For example, the special item that she discovered in the West Indies - please see Debbie Behan Garrett's blog or Ms. Leo's blog.

Another IBDSS "regular" was Anna's Collectibles. In addition to collectible Barbies, Anna's offered Madame Alexander dolls, Gene dolls, Lee Middleton and Tonner dolls as well as toy bears, figurines, and nutcrackers. If you missed the Show or missed Anna's tables, you can visit her online shop where she has Barbies starting at $9.00! Per a lavender flyer distributed by the Anna's team, Anna's accepts credit cards and lay-a-ways. Yes! Either of those options is likely to loosen purse strings in these difficult financial times. Contact information via the Internet is or by telephone at 856-667-2916 or fax at 856-779-8868.

Zister II Creations offered Black Barbie-clone "Air Freshener Dolls." The dolls seemed to be heads-torsos with arms ... you've probably seen those half-dolls whose full skirts cover tissue boxes and other household items. Well, these dolls skirts presumably covered air fresheners. The gowns looked attractive and interesting, but I wondered if the legs were ... well, there. I confess, I did not check. I could imagine the dolls screaming, "What have you done with my LEGS!" Shudder. However, if you are curious about this series, contact B. Scott by e-mail or telephone 718-573-6712 or 718-909-5497.

I missed any other dealers selling play scale figures. However, I did meet new to the IBDSS doll artist, Jacqueline Bryant Campbell. Ms. Campbell creates cloth dolls in a variety of shades - obtained by tea dying. Her daughter and inspiration to create cloth dolls was not there. You can see her adorable dolls at her website and e-mail her: she is also on Twitter @JBryantCampbell and on Facebook.

Additional doll artists Scharynne Holmes, Frannie Robinson, Laura Tuzio-Ross, and Goldie Wilson. Owner of Dolls, Teddy Bears & Gifts, Eleanor McGhee was present also. I just gathered cards and/or took a photo of those tables because they were outside my main interest, play scale figures.

For additional photos of this event, please see the 2012 Black Doll Show album on Webshots site. For additional coverage of the Show, please see I-Luv-Dolls or Debbie Behan Garrett's blogs noted above.