Friday, June 29, 2012

Tribute Action Figure - Personalized Yourself Lately?

Has anyone submitted his or her likeness to Tribute Action Figures? That company creates articulated action figures with specially sculpted heads tailored to look like an individual person. I assume the bodies are one size fits all - one male sculpt and one female one. The head though is the piece of distinction. Examples are shown on their website; the figures look like real people.

So anyone have this done or seen others who have had it done?

I saw their Like page on Facebook and wondered if it made a good job of it. Not that I am seeking a personalized, mini-D7ana. That I would have to do myself ;-D


Emily said...

That is AWESOME!! $250, though. Yikes. It'd be cool if they offered a head only option for less money. I'd probably give that a try! Thanks for the fun link.

Muff said...

No way. I am too beyond cheap to pay $250 for that. I agree with Emily that it would be great if you could just get a head made. I noticed that one of the heads they produced was way redder than the body. Makes me think they only have the one complexion.

D7ana said...

You're welcome Emily.

I remembered a company called Andgor that shipped customized items and action figures later than expected or not at all.

I don't mean to be negative, but I would be cautious considering the expense and in the absence of other collector reviews. It sounds good and some of their figures look decent. But I would prefer to suss them out first.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

No way on earth would I pay that amount of money for a mini-me, unless maybe I was paying someone to sculpt my likeness, and to customize an articulated large-size body for me, and to root my mini-me's hair to look like mine, and to sew my mini-me a nice suit to wear (complete with cute shoes). Okay, maybe I would pay that much, but not for one of these. It would help if this company had actual photographs of the people that these figures are based on so that we could judge for ourselves how accurate their likenesses are. I suspect there's a good reason why we are not seeing that.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Muff and Roxanne! Yes, I do think that they have only the one complexion. If they had more than one complexion, they would have showed that off in the promotional photos. And one complexion only will not match the scores of complexions people fall into. I doubt that it would be cost effective for them to have multiple complexions available either.

Another thing occurs to me. This might seem odd, but I would want to see feedback from real customers. People whose names I recognize from either the doll and/or the action figure network(s). I remember the Andgor situation although I personally did not lose anything from that business.

I would sooner trust a fellow collector who had painting and sculpting talent to alter an existing DAF.

Alrunia said...

D7ana, you hit the nail on the head- this company (and a few others like it which may or may not be the same people) has been around forever, yet no one seems to have any idea what their finished work is actually like. Which makes me think it's less than impressive if not a scam outright, surely people who bought would have shown it off otherwise. No reviews, no real pictures, huge red flag.

D7ana said...

Alrunia, we are in agreement.

There are fellow collectors like Chynadoll to name one - who create personalized dolls. I recall some photos of breathtaking, repainted dolls and action figures on the Men With Dolls Board. Some of those were expensive. But those were either people I "knew" or people recommended by people I "knew." I hate to be a spoiler, but I hear Elvis singing Suspicious Minds whenever I read about personalized play scale dolls. Shrug. Sad, isn't it?