Sunday, November 17, 2013

Halloween Photo Contest: The Kelly and Friends Prizes


Snap! Strike a pose: here are the photos of the award dolls. A request first.

Dear Contest Winners,
Super Cool Doll House gets first choice of any two dolls. Mark, please send your choices to me at this email address - d7ana AT - AND please include a mailing address where you can receive the dolls. Madeboxer, Niel, and Patti, let me know how you would rank the dolls in order of preference and a mailing address; I will get back to you with the doll you won. Thanks again for your participation - I could NOT have done the Contest without you.

Mummy Tommy (blond) and Spider Belinda (black hair pulled back)

I Can Be a Nurse Kelly, Ethnic Peppermint Kelly, and Ethnic The Princess and the Pauper Kelly

Pumpkin Nikki, Dragon Tommy, and Clown Kelly (all blond)

NOTE: I am aware of the harrowing conditions in the Philippines. Running a contest at this time, while people are struggling for basics like fresh, potable water, food, clothing, and shelter, does feel a little bizarre and a lot callous. I don't know if Niel is safe let alone able to access the Internet.

Thirteen million people affected. I can barely think of that many people in those conditions - but that's what is happening now. It is good to see others working to help those in need. Wishing and praying for as prompt and safe a restoration as possible to all there.