Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dolls and Action Figures for Sale, Part 1

Emigration Ranks Grow. These dolls and/or action figures are open to relocation - for a fee, of course ;-D

Postage NOT included in the price. Postage will be checked AFTER order has been placed.

The Pricey

Nine to Five Momoko, NRFB, $80

Cool Asian Flower Momoko, NRFB, $100

Hong Kong Susie, NRFB, $50

Hasbro Kristen (Maxie's AA friend), NRFB, $50

Sideshow Wai Lin (Bond Girl), NRFB, $35

Mattel Schoolgirl Reina, NRFB, $25

$15 and Under

Several NRFT Fashion Fever dolls

My Scene Fashion dolls (Barbie, Delancey, Nolee)

Some Dolls of the World, etc.


Two nude doll lots with 7 dolls each - $30 or 35 USD

You can see the dolls For Sale