Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dolls and Action Figures for Sale, Part 1

Emigration Ranks Grow. These dolls and/or action figures are open to relocation - for a fee, of course ;-D

Postage NOT included in the price. Postage will be checked AFTER order has been placed.

The Pricey

Nine to Five Momoko, NRFB, $80

Cool Asian Flower Momoko, NRFB, $100

Hong Kong Susie, NRFB, $50

Hasbro Kristen (Maxie's AA friend), NRFB, $50

Sideshow Wai Lin (Bond Girl), NRFB, $35

Mattel Schoolgirl Reina, NRFB, $25

$15 and Under

Several NRFT Fashion Fever dolls

My Scene Fashion dolls (Barbie, Delancey, Nolee)

Some Dolls of the World, etc.


Two nude doll lots with 7 dolls each - $30 or 35 USD

You can see the dolls For Sale


E. A said...

Any idea how the veil is fastened in the genie outfit? I want to do something similar with my 1:6 genie outfit, but I can't tell how to do the veil.

D7ana said...

Delancey doesn't have the veil across her face the way you would expect. The veil ends are tucked under her ponytail holder. The veil cradles her face on the side and under her chin. I suppose you could pull up the veil to cover her mouth and nose to achieve the veiled look.

This photo of Barbara Eden might help. It's like a reverse of the way people wear babuska scarves. Instead of the tied part being under the chin, the ends are left open and tucked under a band holding the hair on top of her head.

Hope that helps. Good luck ... looking forward to your genie outfit.