Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More Hunger Games Dolls! Yay Again to Sandra and The Doll Cafe Facebook Team

I finally saw the first Hunger Games movie this year. Many of you may have seen the movie or read the book by Suzanne Collins. It was okay. Better story and characters than Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. Lovely scenery. So so story - entertaining enough for me to watch the whole thing, but nothing earth shattering. Shrug. But guess what? So far, I love all the new dolls Mattel made based on the trilogy. Thanks to L'ubo, Leo, Joel, and Sandra from The Doll Cafe Facebook page for my first alert about these upcoming dolls. Frannie and William have also posted about this Mattel Pop Culture series.

Mattel produced a Hunger Games Katniss doll last year. The 2012 Katniss doll uses the Goddess face sculpt. For this year, Mattel has created a new Katniss and added Peeta, the male love interest; Effie, the future fashionista guide; and Finnick, a male character to be introduced in the upcoming 2013 movie, Catching Fire based on the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Katniss New Katniss face sculpt!

Peeta  New Peeta face sculpt! New broader male face, whoo hoo!

Effie  Barbie closed mouth sculpt (probably Mackie?)

Finnick  TRU Exclusive! (No face details yet, but he looks cute. Interesting hair style. Alas, no details about this doll on the TRU page OR on the Mattel page so I do not know whose face sculpt this doll uses.)

Entertainment Weekly offers a video showing designer Bill Greening discuss the new dolls that are expected to be released when the second Hunger Games movie launches November 2013. That's right: next month.

May the Odds be with you, should you decide to nab any of these dolls. (Aw, I could not resist.)