Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hispanic Heritage Month Doll Focus: YNU Group Mixis Rosa

Hispanic Heritage Month Doll Focus: YNU Group, Incorporated Mixis Rosa Dominguez Katz

Here is the First Edition Rosa Dominguez Katz. Since some of Rosa's family come from Mexico, she is participating in the Hispanic Heritage Month posting. I first saw Opal and Rosa on September 13, 2008 at the Black Latino Expo in the Convention Center. The owner from the now defunct company Dolls Like Me allowed me to choose the two dolls I wanted. (Emerald was on back order so they didn't have any Emeralds to show.)  The dolls were a little under a foot tall, but they had a heavier, more substantial body than Barbie and most Barbie clones. They had detailed, classy accessories and unique faces suggesting their multi-racial background.

Rosa wears her original shrug and tank top. The skirt is borrowed from First Edition Emerald Okada.

Here is the back view of Rosa. You can see her wavy dark hair.

Below is another Rosa doll: this one is the Limited Edition doll with the articulated elbows. Her face is a little fuller than the First Edition Rosa. That Rosa has an early production number. This Rosa has a higher production number - do you think that the molds wore down as the years passed, making the face fuller? I think that this Rosa looks older than the other one.

Back view of the Limited Edition Rosa doll shows her arm bend, wavy hair, and dress details.

Limited Edition Rosa on the left; First Edition Rosa on the right. Do you think one is prettier? I do. But I would rather not say which.

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