Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Want to Win a Prettie Girl Lena Doll? Contest News

First, I am NOT running this contest. I am merely reporting its existence to those of you who may not receive messages from One World Doll Project. One World Doll Project Prettie Girls! Design Team holds a monthly essay-writing contest called The Prettie Dreamers Essay Contest. You can read the official rules - it seems to be open to adults as well as minors although the website photos show minors holding Prettie Girl dolls Lena and Dahlia. (That said, I am NOT entering the contest: it feels like something intended for young people. Also, Lena is the current prize doll. I am not crazy about her bangs. I'm holding out for Kimani, Dahlia, and Alexie.) You have 17 more days from today to submit your essay entry to the One World Doll Project. Or you can pass this information on to the young collectors in your life. Good luck!