Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beefcake: Hot Toys True Type Caucasian

Here are some photos of one of my Hot Toys True Type action figures.

Hot Toys True Type Caucasian Headshot

Striking a Martial Arts Pose

Back view -- yes, he does have fuller buttocks than most action figures

Contemplative side view

Dancing with the lovely Houda

New Year Project - Organizing the Doll and Action Figure Room Pt. 1

A recent thread on , Do You Have a Dolly Room, and some additional photos of a British doll collector's rooms -- Jody at inspired me to look at my Doll and Action Figure room for improvements.

Space. My collection needs more space. More storage units, too.

I can't afford new storage units at this time. So I'll work on the space issue for now. I have a room that's roughly 15 feet wide by 10 feet 5 inches deep. There is a door at each end of the first wall and a large window case in the center of the opposing wall. There's a smaller window case in the wall on the right (when entering the room), but that window case is shorter and higher up. The fourth wall is all wall with no interruptions.

This room is shared with one cat and three boxer turtles so I will need to keep them in mind as I make plans. The cat needs one or two window spots; the turtles are less demanding, but they would be better near the door. (Have to change their water regularly so they shouldn't be across the room.)

I've also got two computers here. One works; the other has old photos and documents that I hope to recover. There are also two printers and a 4-drawer vertical file cabinet. A round wastebasket and two boxes of old journals complete the non-doll stuff.

I'll post photos tomorrow and steps to take and maybe a calendar.

I'd like to know what I have and to be able to get things when I want them.