Friday, August 29, 2008

Jade Princess of Just Girlz -- Kmart Find

Today I found a new Asian fashion doll at the Kmart in the Gallery at Market East. Her name or title is Jade Princess, and she's part of the Just Girlz series that Kmart sells. (Back of her box has information that she was made for Sears Corporation) She cost $20.99, which is more than I would usually pay for a doll not made by a recognized -- by me -- company. BUT she has such a pretty, delicate face, and interesting dangling earrings so I bit.

I will see about photographing her and uploading one or more photos of her here. She's sturdier than I thought with Barbie quality legs. (Okay, Mattel isn't always the best now, but they uaually are better than the cheapie, dollar store figures.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Rebelde Lupita and Roberta

I've seen the Rebelde Concert versions of the female members before but just decided to get them today. Found Lupita at K B Toys for $12.99 and Roberta at Family Dollar for $10.00. (I had gone to K B Toys first and although they only had the one Lupita, I liked her makeup and her hairline. Note: some Lupitas have low hairlines.)

The make-up on the Concert version of Roberta is less intense than the Schoolgirl Roberta. The Schoolgirl version has the overkohled eye makeup.

I had gone in the Family Dollar expecting to find older Barbies like the Birthstone ones. It was a pleasant surprise to find ALL three of the Concert Rebelde females there instead. Cheers for Family Dollar!

K B Toys is having a sale; buy 2 and get 1 free, I think. I asked one of the workers if she knew when the Rebelde boys would be arriving. She didn't know. Corporate sends stuff in, and the employees unpack them. Sigh. I'll check for Miguel, Giovanni, and Diego at the end of this week or early next week at Toys R Us.

I might have to go to the suburbs to find the guys ... the last time I searched for some Integrity Playline dolls (Janay, Alyssa, and Jade), I lucked out -- found them -- in a Norristown Walmart. Collectors have to do what we have to do to update the collection.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Projects, Projects, Projects

Need to list my DAF (Doll and Action Figure) Projects for 2008:

1. Find select DAFs
2. Sell, donate, or give away DAFs no longer wanted
3. Create scenes for DAFs
4. Create photo stories
5. Maintain database and possibly get collector software
6. Organize storage of figures, clothes, accessories, and settings/houses better


Oh and maintain at least this blog.

The Joy of Collecting ... the Hunt

Didn't do anything about the Rebelde search today. Have on the back burner other searches like the Hotties I-Girls that I have only seen on the Lanard website so far. Haven't heard them discussed anywhere. Sigh.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rebelde Search Continued

Has anyone seen the Rebelde guy-girl sets in the Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia area? I'm inclined to get them, but I would rather pay local cost than online costs. Sigh. Then some online sites like Angelic Dreamz no longer have these dolls. Double sigh.

I'm putting my query here and I'll contact some of my Yahoo Groups as well.

I've got a Body Double Veronique coming. So I need to avoid paying more than I have to for them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seeking Rebelde Guys in the Vinyl

Mattel introduced the three female members of the rock group RBD -- characters from the popular Mexican telenovella Rebelde -- in 2007. (There are three guys as well in the group.) Now Mattel is offering the entire group in 2-doll boxed sets with one girl and one guy per set. I want to see them BEFORE I buy them so I checked at the Toys R Us and the Walmart in Wyncote today. Couldn't find them at either site. The sales associate in Toys R Us said that they would be getting new stock at the end of next week. I could check back then although they may not have all of their new dolls out at that time.

I'll post when/if I see them locally.