Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mattel JLo Booty - er Body - Revealed on Flickr

Want to see the new Mattel JLo doll ... um ... nude? Check these Flickr photos that start here. Looks like the YNU Group, Inc.'s Mixis dolls, BBI Perfect Body action figures, and the Get Set Club dolls will need to guard their titles as most full-bottomed. I have pulled up some older photos showing body profiles of those other dolls/figures. For comparison ...

YNU Group Mixis Houda and Get Set Club Isabelle

YNU Group Mixis Houda and BBi Perfect Body AA

One Flickr commenter considers the JLo doll body racist. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks!

Playscale Boxing Ring, Anyone?

Below are links to photos of a playscale boxing ring produced by M&C Toys under their Star Runner line for Vanessa and for anyone keen on creating such an arena for their dolls and figures. I did not buy the boxing ring or the gym or - alas - more than ONE of the Star Runner action figures, but I do wish that I had bought some of the other guys.

Here are more photos ...

the boxing ring itself

two figures in the boxing ring

I don't know anyone who has this set, but the photos might stimulate ideas on how one manufacturer created a 1:6 scale boxing ring.

Happy creating! Do share the link(s) if you create a boxing ring scene.

P.S. The post for SkipperCollector is post-poned (get the joke, lol) because the photos need to be clearer.