Sunday, August 12, 2012

Takara's Action Boy: Angels Garden Shou, Part 1

Most of Takara Jenny's male friends have limited articulation. Think Mattel Ken with faux-bendable legs. These teens - Jeff, Charles, Raph, and Tom - can turn their heads from side to side, move their arms up and down, and sit with their legs extended before them. Forget about bending their elbows or knees or about having them taking any wide stances. Yes, that limited. But Jenny has one male friend, A.G.I.S. Shou, who can boogie with other articulated dolls and action figures. With a LOT of patience on the part of the person posing him.

But what does this A.G.I.S. mean? A.G.I.S. is the abbreviation of Angels Garden International School, a fictional high school that Jenny, Ferice, Valerie, and Lilian attend. I remember that Valerie was a senior who worked in Kyoko's clothing boutique. Kyoko's shop assistant is Moe, whose brother Shou is a friend of Jenny. This Jenny wave was the MOST anime-influenced as you will see in the photo showing Shou with two other Jenny male friends, Charles and Tom. Super-sized eyes with giant highlights.

Time for Shou specifics. Shou has the Takara Ken face mold. He is about 11.5 inches tall and very thin as you will see in his underwear advertisement photos. His hands seem large for his frame - then again, he is a growing teenager. His joints leave him a little on the floppy side; he easily topples over unless propped up. So he doesn't stand well on his own. However, the extra articulation points along his lower arm allows him to touch his face. Here are two photos demonstrating Shou's posing ability.

Shou plays peek-a-boo!

Okay, tight hamstrings won't allow him to touch his toes.

Shou shown among other Jenny boy friends stands out. All of my Toms seem to have a tough guy aura while my one Charles looks distinguished and aloof. Shou on the other hand, has an alert, friendly air. He's a buddy boy guy.

From left to right: Chinese Tom, A.G.I.S. Shou, and Prince Charles all by Takara

I will do a follow-up post showing Shou with Mattel Fashionista Ken and SpinMaster Jake. You'll be surprised to see who masters the gentleman's crossed leg pose best.