Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Five Reasons to Join Facebook's Integrity Janay/Color Infusion Group

Okay, if you are not on Facebook, this news may not interest you. Then again, it might get you to open a Facebook account ... maybe. Time spent on social media sites takes time, yes. But for fans of Janay and her friends OR fans of the new Color Infusion, both by Integrity Toys, this Group will be worth the distraction.

There's a new Facebook Group called "Integrity Toys Janay & Color Infusion Dolls Fan Club" started by renown Integrity playline fan CjStarz (aka CjStarz on Flickr). Yes, that CjStarz, grin. So you can expect some fantastic photography and juicy information sharing. Here is what you get to do as a member:

1. See photos of Janay and friends dolls and prototypes

2. Identify your Janay and friends dolls or ones you've seen

3. Answer doll identification queries - you might know who that mystery doll is

4. Learn about and discuss these almost forgotten dolls

5. Learn about the Color Infusion dolls

To join the group submit a request to CjStarz or another member.