Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Robin of Roville Writes [About] StarDolls

Do you know what I know? Don't worry ... I am not going to drag it out. The post title leaks the story. Robin of Roville has a blog! Eeekkkk! Robin is the tour de force behind the incomparable Roville. When I began doll and action figure online activity back in 1997, Robin was one of the first doll enthusiasts who maintained a constant storyline using incredibly detailed sixth scale dioramas and fascinating characters. And she was/is pleasant and generous with her tips and suggestions. Everyone dancing now? Sure. And most kindly, she mentions moi in her StarDoll post when she tipped me to their existence. (Eyes widen, mouth opens, splayed hand to chest in mock modesty - wink and grin as recovery sets in.)

My silliness aside, go visit the Roville blog and see which bodies Robin uses for her StarDoll heads. I won't tell which ones she uses. Nope, horses won't drag the story from me. (Not that horses or de Cat or the turtles would likely want to ....) The dolls are beautifully photographed in a cafe setting.

But you don't need to take my word - go see. Bye for now.