Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mattel Hobbit Bodies

Hobbit bodies anyone? Here they are. These hobbit bodies belong to Rebelde Schoolgirls Mia (blonde) and Lupita (brunette). They are roughly 11" tall. Markings on the middle of their back read:

C2008 Mattel, Inc.

Rebelde Schoolgirls Mia and Lupita

Mia turns on her side for a profile shot. Lupita holds aside Mia's hair

Other Mattel Teen Fashion Dolls

Rio de Janeiro Skipper, Mystery Squad Drew, Generation Girl Lara, High School Musical Taylor and Rebelde Schoolgirl Lupita (dolls left to right)

The hobbit body is shorter than that of most of the teen fashion dolls shown here. Only High School Musical Taylor has a shorter torso; Taylor is about 10" tall. The hobbit dolls also have wider hips and more narrow shoulders. Neither the waist nor the bust twists for the hobbit dolls. Finally, their legs seem a little wobbly. But if you would like a different height and a different build for your teen dolls, the hobbit body can provide that difference.