Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday Taylor’s Ideal World

One of my favorite fashion dolls in the late 1970s was Tuesday Taylor. Her scalp swiveled so that she could have blond or brunette hair. (Half of her scalp had pale blond hair; the other half had brunette hair.) Guess what side I preferred? Remember that was back when blond Superstar Barbie reigned. So my Tuesday Taylor was always brunette.

Tuesday's black friend, Taylor Jones, had a similar hair option only her choices were auburn and black. I prefered the auburn for her because I felt that it worked better for her light eyebrows.

I should note that ALL Tuesday Taylors had light blue eyes. I darkened them to navy when I was younger. The default color of the dolls match that shown on the doll box.

Characters in Tuesday Taylor's World included:

Tuesday Taylor
Her younger sister, Dodi*
Her boyfriend, Eric
Taylor Jones

Here is a photo showing the Suntan Tuesday Taylor, Suntan Dodi, and Suntan Eric dolls:

This photo shows the basic Tuesday Taylor and the basic Taylor Jones:

The issued dolls were ...

Basic Tuesday Taylor
Basic Taylor Jones
Basic Eric

Suntan Tuesday Taylor
Suntan Eric
Suntan Dodi

Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor
Fashion Model Tuesday Taylor

I have updated this post to include the information about Taylor Jones' hair choices - thanks for the reminder, DBG. DBG might have the Fashion Model Taylor Jones doll; I look forward to hearing more about that doll from her.

*Dodi has the same face and mold as Dodi from the Tammy series. That Dodi was the friend of Tammy's little sister, Pepper.

Additional references to Tuesday Taylor
Jewel's Doll Castle, Doll Reference, Fashion-Doll-Guide, original box for Suntan Tuesday Taylor, and Chrissy and Beth's website.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I have Taylor Jones (tennis player and runway model).

For those who like taller dolls, Tiffany Taylor (18 inches) also has the swivel-head feature. Instead of changing from blonde to black, auburn and black were used for T. Jones and the AA version of T. Taylor.

Neat feature.


D7ana said...

Yes, thanks for that reminder DBG. Taylor Jones' hair switch was from auburn to black. I preferred auburn on mine. Her brows weren't dark enough IMHO for black hair. And unlike I did for the other Tuesday Taylor dolls (series), I did not want to alter Taylor's brows. I thought I might go too heavy on them.

My Taylor Jones was in the red bodysuit with the white mini. I missed out getting/seeing the runway model doll.

Vanessa said...

I have a Dodi doll that I picked up at the Goodwill. Didn't really know who she was and can't say I had heard of Tuesday Taylor until reading this post. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I'll have to locate my Taylor Jones runway doll. That's not really her name, but she came with a base that would mimic a model walking on a runway when the doll's feet were placed in it. Imagination needed. She reminds me of Kenner's Dana and I believe wherever "they" are, they are together in the doll room.


limbe dolls said...

I had a suntan Eric but no Tuesday Taylor. Eric was much taller than the Kens or GI Joes. In our world he was from Sweden and we called him Olaf. Unfortunately his hip joint didn't stand the test of time. :-(

Male Doll World said...

I have both Tiffany Taylor (18 inches) and Taylor Jones. I love the switching of the hair from auburn to black. Tiffany Taylor is my childhood doll.

D7ana said...

Thanks for commenting Vanessa! Dodi was issued BEFORE under the Tammy line; that Dodi has pinkish flesh instead of the tanned flesh of the 1970s Suntan Dodi. Just in case your Dodi is pinkish ....

BDE, THANKS for looking for your "walking" Taylor Jones - I think that she is the "Fashion Model" match to the FM Tuesday Taylor. I don't recall seeing her so I did not add her to my list.

Limbe Dolls, Eric does look like an "Olaf." My Eric's hips suffer from melted plastic. My sister became so angry at something I "made" Eric say that she took him from me and then pounded his head until it rolled off. She got very quiet after that because she became afraid that I would get revenge; I am abashed to confess that I laughed to myself and just felt relief that I hadn't "made" one of my more loved dolls "say" whatever I had made Eric say.

D7ana said...

BDE - back to your possible Fashion Model Taylor Jones doll - here is a link to an eBay item (so it won't last long ;-D) showing the FM Tuesday Taylor. If your doll wears/wore a similar outfit, then she could be a/the FM Taylor Jones.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Yes, D7ana, my doll is the counterpart to FM Tuesday Taylor. I actually located FM Taylor Jones and Kenner's Dana this morning after I wrote the previous comment. They are together on one of the shelves with other NRFB fashion dolls in the doll room.

My other Taylor Jones (the tennis one--orange top, white skirt) suffers from sweaty legs. Do you have any dolls with that condition? It actually looks like beads of sweat are on her legs. I also have a #3 (I think) Barbie that has the same problem.


D7ana said...

Hi, Male Doll World, and thanks for your comment!

Just checked your blog - wowza! I would have left these comments, but I was not allowed to -

OMG, both my MOM and I WANT the Octopus SJ. Congratulations on getting him. Thanks for this post showing him.

Your Mace Windu looks different from mine ... oh, wait, mine is the cartoony Hasbro one, lol! I notice he isn't in your photo. Don't you like that Sammy, lol?

D7ana said...

Thanks, DBG, for checking on the FM Taylor Jones doll. I would LOVE to see her - not to force your camera in any direction you did not choose yourself ;-)

I've added a new post about leaky legs and greasy parts - eeohhwww - from Doll Enthusiast Charles.

Vanessa said...

Male Doll World - Love your blog. Nice to see men on a regular basis with just one click of the mouse.

D7ana said...

Yes, it's great to see the guys in their glory ;-D.

Thanks, Male Doll World.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

D7ana - I'll point my camera in their direction soon.

I also wanted to co-sign on the compliments directed toward Male Doll World. Love the eye candy I saw there. Tried posting a comment, but those are restricted to "team members." Anyway, love your blog.


D7ana said...

Thanks, BDE! I look forward to seeing the ladies.

Aside: still cannot "Follow" Male Doll World online. Tsk. Need to check with Blogger as to why I can't.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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