Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toy Hunt at Big Lots, Norristown - Part 1

Okay, I went seeking new or new-to-me Power Team figures. When I go to Big Lots, my target is the M & C 12" Power Team action figures. Alas, the ONLY Power Team figure there was the long-faced, blond Paratrooper in the dark olive jumpsuit. Cute in an intellectual way, but not compelling enough for me to buy a second. So I looked for the dolls.

Big Lots carries a lot of the cheaper and/or close-out Barbies and several of the Chic Boutique dolls. In the greater Philadelphia area, Big Lots, Dollar General, and Conways carry some of the types of dolls once available at K B Toys or often available at KMart. City Style Barbie, Glam Barbie, recent Fashion Fever dolls, My Scene Disco, an early High School Musical Gabriella in red dress, etc. Nothing remarkable. Priced from $5-12 USD so you could get a "cheap fix" here.

I found a Nikki whose eyes are painted to the left; since I usually find Nikkis with eyes to the right. Not an earthshattering difference, but I had gone a long way to get there. I wanted to bring something home. And well, I liked her red scoop-necked top and her full leopard skirt. Five dollar price. Sold to the purchase-withdrawn collector.

Here's a photo of this Nikki

And a closer photo of her face