Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bern Nadette (Good Times) Stannis Fans? Doll Alert

Okay, some of you might be ready to scream if you read the words, "Prettie Girls" at this blog one more time.

I sympathize. I do. But I want to slip in one last bit of news. Promise. This will end the Prettie Girls post for this week. This being Sunday, ha ha.

Angelic Dreamz alerts readers that One World Doll Project, creators of the new Prettie Girls dolls, will have a new Celebrity Collectors doll based on actress Bern Nadette Stanis who played Thelma, the smart-mouthed daughter, on 1970's sitcom "Good Times." You can check for this new doll in December 2013. And the price will probably be higher than the basic Prettie Girls dolls as the other Celebrity Collectors Cynthia Bailey doll is at $69.95.

So celebrity doll fans or "Good Times" fans or Bern Nadette Stanis fans rejoice. Another new celebrity doll will be available. How close the likeness is, though, cannot be determined. Wouldn't a personalized face sculpt be nice? Guess we will see next month.

Prettie Girls Review Links

They've barely been out but there are two review for the Prettie Girls Lena doll. Lena is the African American doll in this multi-ethnic group. Debbie B. Garrett of Black Doll Collecting and RoxanneRoxanne of Roxanne's Dolls have head to toe reviews. Debbie also has an additional blog post showing Lena redressed in a Stardoll (Barbie) fashion.  So if you wanted to see how the Prettie Girls dolls look among other playscale dolls and action figures, go see those blog posts.

If you write a review for any of the dolls in this series, let me know the URL for the review if you would like that shared here. Each person reviewing these dolls or any dolls/action figures will see something different that might help others decide to buy or not to buy them.

Angelic Dreamz has joined The Doll Genie as an alternate source for the Prettie Girls dolls.

Say, Debbie and Roxanne, would either of you mind if I pinned one of your Prettie Girls Lena comparison photographs to my Pinterest Prettie Girls Board? I will link back to your blog post. Good to get the description of the dolls out before the Black Friday rush, hmm? Thanking you in advance, regardless of your response.